AVADO and Google are shaking up the online education industry with Squared Online

“Thinking outside the box” is a concept that runs throughout all of AVADO’s digital transformation courses. In none is it perhaps as prevalent as with Squared Online, the digital marketing and leadership course developed with Google. Throughout the five modules of the course, there is a focus on disruption, how technology is changing businesses, and the rise of social and mobile. Innovation and collaboration is actively encouraged.

But not only is Squared Online teaching about disruption, but it is also disrupting its very own sector in the process. Shuvo Saha, Director of the Google Digital Academy, has spoken about how the course is shaking up the online education system, and how Squared Online is successfully merging classic classroom learning, with its human touch, personalisation and focus on interaction, with the scale of e-learning.

With Squared Online and its array of other online courses, AVADO takes the premise of “e-learning”, which has earned the reputation of being slightly dry, and turns it into something which is exciting, interactive and collaborative.

Those who participate in Squared Online – “Squares” – can meet their fellow students through Google Hangouts, Whatsapp groups, and in weekly live video classes. Although this is essentially “long-distance learning”, Squared Online is a platform which feels completely the opposite, and offers students a new way to learn.

Another advantage of this collaborative and innovative type of learning is that it nurtures and produces the marketing leaders of the future – agents of change who can drive digital throughout their businesses. Squared Online is not only disrupting the world of education, but it is also creating the disruptive talent of the future.

“We’re not just looking for anyone. We are looking for those who have curiosity, a collaborative approach and who need and want to do the course,” Saha explains. “We need people who really put the customer first in their own organisation, are risk takers and are looking to do the right thing.”

Squared Online, alongside Google and AVADO, is paving the way for the online learning of the future. Not only by encouraging students to break down silos in their organisations and think outside the box digitally, but also by developing into a course that does the very same thing itself.


Read more about our work with Google on the Marketing Week website.


If you’re interested in enrolling on Squared online please give one of our Course Advisors a call on 020 7173 5938.


Posted April 21, 2017