Beyond Skills Case Study: Vodafone

Technology and Telecommunications

Recent events have amplified the need for digital skills. In the past 12 months, the technology and telecommunications sector underwent epic growth, a stark contrast to the other industries surveyed in Avado’s Beyond Skills report, which you can download by filling out the form provided.

Whilst this sector does suffer from a capability chasm, as this research makes clear, they are also highly aware of the value of digital transformation: it’s their bread and butter. As such, learning and development was typically valued highly, with 58% of respondents saying that their business had increased training and development budgets during 2020.

Respondents in this industry had a greater appetite for further growth in learning and development than others surveyed. For an industry so valued across the globe today, this confidence in capital is an important component in fostering overall economic recovery.

Shifting mindsets with data

Vodafone approached Avado with a clear objective, to help them accelerate their journey to becoming a digital telecommunications company. Their ambition was to lead a mindset shift and help everyone in the business understand the value of data and digital marketing. They had been proactively considering their skills strategy since 2018, which set them up well to manage the changing landscape ahead.

To give Vodafone’s marketing teams exposure to the theory and knowledge underlying a great digital marketing strategy, we recommended a five-month Squared Online Digital Marketing Leadership Course. Within that bespoke programme, a bite-size data module was also implemented to increase data literacy. Together, this programme resulted in 4,600 digital marketing licenses and over 130,000 digital business licenses across the business. The business met its digital marketing needs through shifting mindsets and enhancing capabilities, thanks to the longevity this scalable solution provided.

Designed to inspire a more agile and innovative way of thinking, Avado delivered a two-day digital workshop that did more than just boost knowledge. Leaders were introduced to new ways of thinking through this learning experience, and employees were empowered to see the value digital transformation would bring. This Vodafone Digital Academy was activated across 23 markets.

“I never thought online training could be that well-structured, comprehensive and meticulously blended with various areas”
– Abraham Georgakarakos, Vodafone’s Head of Digital

Radzif Nasri

Posted May 11, 2021