Bridging the Skills Gap from top-down

Making sure your organisation’s workforce is future-ready

We’ve wrapped up a highly anticipated webinar hosted by expert speaker Colin Smith that’s titled ‘Bridging the Skills Gap from top-down’. Click on the video below to view a recording of this webinar.

In this webinar, expert speaker Colin Smith identifies some of the most commonly seen skills gaps in organisations today, the talent types we should be looking for and highlights 4 critical areas that HR leaders should pay attention to – Digital Leadership, Marketing, Data, Innovation.

Here’s a short breakdown of the webinar:

  • A look at the latest thinking on classic skills gaps
  • What are the skills/capabilities that will be required in the near future? What should be preparing for now?
  • Should we hire/develop talent with the right core skills and problem solving capability, rather than experience in a specific sector?
  • Leveraging the digital mindset
  • Biggest talent gaps in the future of work
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Radzif Nasri

Posted February 9, 2021