“I would not have traded AVADO for another to complete my CIPD qualification”

I caught up with CIPD Level 5 HR student, Samantha Amis, this week. Samantha’s one of our international students and works as a Senior HRO for the Seychelles Civilian Aviation Authority.

Read on to find out about her experience studying CIPD HR Level 5 with AVADO.

Why did you decide to study the CIPD HR Level 5 qualification?  

Samantha Amice

Having 10 years of experience in HR & Administration in both private and parastatal companies, I felt that being certified by the CIPD would be a bonus for my career advancement. I’m now a Senior HRO and have been earmarked for the position of HR Manager in a Company of over 700 staff! 

To only be the 2nd HR Grad based in the Seychelles is also an honor and big achievement. 

What made you decide to choose AVADO over other providers?  

Word-of-mouth and, now, from my experience, AVADO has been great for me. Having set deadlines keeps you going, and it’s great to learn with the same bunch of people. We share views, ideas and really help each other out. If you are a deadline-driven person, then AVADO is great. Andy Murphy is a fantastic tutor! 

Since starting the course, has the way you work changed?  

I’ve enhanced my knowledge and grown as both an individual and team player. My way of thinking has shifted to a more ambitious HR professional. It also provided me with many transferable skills including: written communication through writing assignments, interpersonal skills through interacting with my peers, and digital competency through remote-learning.  

What’s the course been like? 

The online sessions are good and go through each criterion to pass the unit. There is a lot of group support since you are all doing the same modules. The deadlines keep you on track and there’s not a lot of time for procrastination! 

My favorite topic was 5UIN, and my assignment was about “Reviewing the Implementation of a new Induction Programme” at my workplace. 

What are you hoping to achieve during/after the course? 

My goals are: 

  • To grow in my career and be in a leading position  
  • To obtain my professional membership and later become a Chartered Member of CIPD
  • To encourage/motivate at least one of my fellow colleagues to become a certified member of CIPD  

What would you say to anyone looking to study CIPD with AVADO? 

You would not regret making that choice. If you are deadline driven, and want to be more marketable, then AVADO is the ideal provider. 

Any final words about your experience? 

I would not trade AVADO for another, even from the other end of a computer (since I am an International Student). I never once felt lonely and lost in my studies. Student support and my Tutor were only a click away and they were always efficient at getting back to me.  

I’m lucky that AVADO is one of the providers which accommodates everyone at different levels e.g. In my cohort, there are people who just came out of university and some who haven’t studied for years! 

Regardless of your educational or professional background, embarking on a new learning adventure is always a plus if you want to succeed.

At AVADO, we’re as much about learning as we are about people and making the experience as valuable as possible for our students. To find out more about our CIPD courses, click here or call us on +44(0)20 3911 3407.  


Posted August 31, 2018