CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Certificate: Why it will get you to the next stage of your career

We live in a time of great uncertainty when it comes to managing our businesses and careers. Organisations everywhere are being forced to innovate and adapt as the digital revolution changes the way we work; there are skills shortfalls in a number of areas, and securing permanent employment is becoming harder and harder. Corporate culture, too, is undergoing a revolution, becoming less regulated, more flexible, and more nebulous. While many of these changes are exciting, if not managed properly, they can easily become chaotic—and that is why Human Resources professionals are in more demand than ever.

Human resource professionals are in the business of helping people; whether it’s assisting an employee in seeing that his or her rights are honoured in the workplace, securing benefits for those entitled to them, or resolving disputes, HR personnel make businesses a better place to be. As an HR professional, you will benefit from diverse career opportunities (HR personnel are needed everywhere from small business firms, to schools, to major corporations), meaning that there is a great degree of flexibility in the kind of hours available. Salaries, too, tend to be respectable, especially if you work for a large firm.

Most rewarding of all, however, is the feeling of having really made a difference in people’s lives—this is one career that will never leave you bored or feeling like your work lacks true purpose.

Getting Started: CIPD Training and Certification

Before you can get started working as an HR professional in the UK, you will need to become trained and qualified through the CIPD. The CIPD is a professional body for HR and human development which operates internationally and acts as the voice of a worldwide community of 140,000 members.

The CIPD asserts that their mission is championing “better work and working lives” through the HR profession, and they have been doing so for more than 100 years. The CIPD keeps abreast of how the changes in the working world are affecting HR, and keeps all of their training programs up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

The CIPD is also an excellent unbiased source of resources for HR professionals; the organisation is completely independent and not-for-profit and holds a highly respected Royal Charter. They are known for being fair, reliable, and insightful, and hold annual conferences which provide HR professionals with a venue to congregate and discuss how to make the working world a better place.

CIPD’s internationally recognised HR and L&D qualifications are provided in the UK, Ireland, and internationally by universities, colleges, and various online training providers. Each year over 12,000 professionals decide to take CIPD programmes in order to develop their knowledge of HR, to refine their practices and update their skills to better fit modern corporate culture.

CIPD Level 5: The Gold Standard in HR Training

While it is possible to get work in the HR field after completing CIPD Level 3 training, it is strongly advised that you advance to Level 5. As HR is such a desirable field, it tends to be quite competitive, and those who remain at Level 3 therefore have a much more difficult time landing the best HR positions.

Having a CIPD Level 5 qualification shows employers that you are committed to delivering the highest standards of professionalism in Human Resources (HR), and that you are truly passionate about the field and willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure that your skills are relevant and well-rounded.

The CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Certificate in Human Resource Management will go into much greater depth than the Level 3 course in the areas of long-term planning (so that you may support sustainable business success) and employee management. CIPD Level 5 also grants students the opportunity to develop much more specialised Learning and Development knowledge. This course goes beyond the basics, teaching both “big picture” thinking and attention to detail.

Even if you have been working in the HR field for many years, taking an updated CIPD Level 5 course will look excellent on your CV—as the way we work has changed so profoundly over the last decade, employers are more and more seeking out HR professionals who understand the culture and needs of the modern digital workplace. The CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Diploma in Learning and Development will help you to easily update your L&D knowledge, and having a recent CIPD Level 5 course completion on your CV will show employers that you have kept pace with the developments in your industry.

CIPD Level 5 courses can be taken online, meaning that you can continue developing your career and meeting your personal commitments while also taking your skills to the next level—rejuvenating your prospects and giving you the confidence you need to succeed in today’s uncertain business climate.

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Stephanie Khan

Posted November 12, 2015