The CIPD Level 3 Diploma in HR is here!

Following the success of the Level 5 Diploma in HR Management, CIPD Enterprises in partnership with AVADO are delighted to announce the launch of the CIPD HR Level 3 Diploma in HR Practice.

We now offer learners a choice between the Level 3 Certificate and Diploma. The Diploma has two new additional units, Delivering Learning & Development Activities and Supporting Change within Organisations. These two units will help you gain the skills you need to boost your career development and HR professionalism. The Diploma takes 12 months to complete.

The Diploma Syllabus:

  1. Understanding organisations and the role of HR
  2. Developing yourself as an effective HR practitioner
  3. Resourcing talent
  4. Recording, analysing and using HR information
  5. Supporting good practice in performance and reward management
  6. Supporting good practice in managing employment relationships
  7. Delivering Learning and Development Activities
  8. Supporting Change within Organisations

Why should you choose the Level 3 Foundation Diploma?

  • CIPD qualifications are internationally recognised and offer you an accredited route into the HR industry.
  • The Level 3 Foundation Diploma will help you build a strong foundation in HR practice and develop your skills and knowledge wanted by HR professionals and organisations.
  • Upon successful completion of the Foundation Diploma, you will become an Associate member of the CIPD and can use ‘Assoc CIPD’ after your name.
  • The Diploma will help you demonstrate that you are committed to progressing your HR career.
  • Demonstrate that you possess up to date key knowledge and skills wanted by employers.

How the course works:

You will study in our award- winning Virtual Learning Campus (VLC). The VLC is designed to keep you engaged, through learning that will enhance your skills and knowledge in the world of HR. The campus contains an in-built progress tracker to show you, what you need to achieve weekly and provides you with a structure, to keep you on track.

The VLC will provide you with, engaging activities, readings, case studies, videos, quizzes and practical tasks to teach you everything you need to know about HR practice.

Our dedicated personal tutors are here to support you every step of the way in your learning journey and can be contacted via phone, email and online. They will monitor your progress and tailor live support sessions around your group’s questions posted online.

Each unit typically takes between 6-8 weeks to study, with an assessment completed online at the end of the final week. Your assignment is graded by your marker and you will receive personalised feedback to help you progress, on your learning journey.

Career path:

With this qualification on your CV and CIPD associate Membership, you will be eligible for HR roles such as:

  • HR Administrator which can earn up to £21,000
  • HR Assistant which can earn up to £23,000

If you would like more information on the Level 3 Foundation Diploma, then click here  and you could start your learning journey with us today.


Posted July 18, 2018