“By far one of the most comprehensively taught online courses I have ever embarked on”

This week I caught up with Anne Rubery, one of our CIPD HR Level 5 students who works with the Royal Air Force (RAF). With her qualification, Anne aspires to break into the civilian world of HR. Through Anne’s journey, discover what it’s really like to be a student with AVADO.

In her own words…

I enrolled on AVADO’s CIPD HR Level 5 Diploma in June 2018.  I’ll admit, I was slightly apprehensive about returning to academic learning after a few years away from the books. However, my mind was put to rest immediately as during the initial consultation, AVADO were really supportive and friendly.

Is studying with AVADO flexible?

Anne Rubery RAF

The learning is modular and guides you step-by-step. The qualification is completed entirely online which means it is truly flexible learning and can be accessed anywhere, and at any time. Whilst completing the course, I was able to work at a pace that suited me, spending around 6-hours each week studying.

What are other people on the course like?

The course attracts students from around the world. The fantastic thing about studying this qualification was that it strengthened the practical experience I already had from working in HR for the past 15 years. The academic theory and models really brought everything together.

How does the course apply to what you do in HR at the RAF?

The course covers things we already do on a day-to-day basis. The first module covered a section on ‘group dynamics’ and ‘conflict intervention’, subjects all ranks in a personnel role will have dealt with. The learning underpins how we normally resolve situations intuitively, but provides academic theory, models and explanations to greater enhance your understanding.

What’s the online learning platform like?

AVADO’s Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) makes learning interactive, fun and logical. The qualification is split into smaller, bite-size units, and at the end of each learning block students must complete an assessment, based on a clearly defined brief. Each unit of work is supported by forums and blogs, on which students help each other by posting handy links to useful resources.

The units also include ‘content in action’ videos, hosted by the tutors, who go through each requirement of the assessment in greater detail, explaining it thoroughly. All these tools make the end of unit assessments less daunting as, without realising it, you are starting to answer the end of unit assessment as you work your way through the unit.

How do tutors get involved on the course?

The tutor provides two sessions within each module during which they address some of the questions and queries which have been raised via the student forums. You simply log into the VLC to stream the live session, during which students are able to ask their tutor more questions or raise additional topics for further clarification ahead of the assessment. These sessions really made me realise that I was not alone, but part of a wider learning community and that everyone on the course has the same fears and worries.

The way the course content is presented, and the step-by-step nature makes the learning flow so you are learning what is truly relevant to the assignment. The assignment itself is also not too daunting; because the questions are broken down simply.

Any final words?

The benefit of this course is about understanding practical application and gaining skills sets to enable you to complete tasks, whilst using your own experiences for reflection and reference.

This is by far one of the most comprehensively taught online courses I have ever embarked on!

At AVADO, we’re as much about learning as we are about people and making the experience as valuable as possible for our students. To find out more about our CIPD courses, click here or call us on +44(0)20 3911 3407.  


Posted August 31, 2018