ClickZ partners with the ADBL, enhances global reach


Leading digital marketing publisher ClickZ has selected the ADBL as their global training partner, widening the international reach of the academy.

The collaboration is expected to bring broader global coverage for the ADBL through ClickZ‘s branded publication portfolio, alongside the Search Engine Watch website and SES conferences for search marketers.

A hugely successful new media publisher that has long advocated the importance of training through their own-branded courses, ClickZ selected the ADBL for the academy’s authority and knowledge in the development of professional marketers through its award-winning online learning platform. With the backing of such an influential brand in the digital marketing industry, the partnership will further establish the ADBL’s range of digital marketing courses, in particular, the Dot Native certification in digital marketing.

Launched in 1997, the ClickZ brand is widely considered to be a pioneer in online publishing, having built its expertise within the digital marketing community. Also launched in 2007, Search Engine Watch has been a leading authority on search engine marketing since its inception and was run independently up until 2005 when it joined ClickZ.

Headquartered in North America and Asia, the two brands have built a global audience on the back of their expertise in digital marketing. As a result, the ADBL is thrilled to have its courses recognised by such influential publications.



Stephanie Khan

Posted July 3, 2015