Corporate Case Study: Mediacorp

Building Cross-functional Digital Leaders


With a strong belief that lifelong learning is what keeps jobs interesting and challenging, Mediacorp worked with Squared Online to create a digital learning environment that’s set up for crossfunctional collaboration. Students joined from different teams across the vast organisation, all with a common goal to bring more digital and strategic thinking back to their businesses.

Students not only had a chance to apply their newly acquired knowledge in hands-on projects and activities throughout the course, but were also encouraged to implement into their business planning back at work.

Since Squared Online…

  • Students developed a clearer picture of the channels and tools available, with the ability to optimise and recommend channel mix confidently.

  • Students applied their knowledge on analytics in their jobs by understanding their target audiences beyond the basic information available, further customising their marketing messages and vehicles.

  • Students have reported that there is a “common language” of digital knowledge amongst teams for everyone to work towards the same business goals


Squared Online is the award-winning global digital marketing leadership course developed with Google to enable companies to upgrade their staff’s digital capabilities. Taught online over 5 months by industry experts, it’s a unique, hands-on approach to learning that will develop and retain your company’s brightest talent.

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Radzif Nasri

Posted February 5, 2021