Corporate Case Study: Sun Life Financial – Part 4

Shierly Ge, CMO of Sun Life Indonesia, shares with us how she has applied what she has learnt to her role.

“The course opened my mind and helped me to fully appreciate the opportunities that digital marketing and digital channels brought. I learned that there was much that we could tap into to connect with clients, beyond what we were working on at the time.”

Why did you take part in Squared Online?

I felt it was important to improve my knowledge and skills in digital marketing, considering that digital marketing hasbecome a significant driving force in marketing, brand, and communication.

The opportunity arose when the Sun Life’s Regional Office nominated me for the course. I agreed Squared Online was the right program for my learning objectives.

How has the course changed your thinking when applying it to your role?

My role covers various pillars, from brand & communication, product marketing, to Client marketing.

The course provided me with valuable insights to help broaden the way I think about marketing as a whole ecosystem, not only digital per se. It’s connecting the dots
between the brand, market, consumer behavior, existing Clients, and others.

I found the content strategy learnings to be particularly useful and practical – I now apply the simple and methodical approaches of Content Marketing Matrix and Hero-Help-Hub model across our social media assets.

When considering the full spectrum of topics covered in the course curriculum, I was not familiar with most of the topics, such as programmatic, data analytics, content
strategy. And now, after having gone through the Squared Online, I have a better understanding and these hands-on learnings really help me in applying to my overall strategy.

How has What have you learned that you will take back into your role to help Sun Life on its Digital Transformation journey?

Digital transformation is a journey that involves external and internal parties, paving the new path of what the company’s future will be. It takes in-depth, thorough,
and continuous planning, strategy, implementation, and monitoring – which I learned from Squared Online – to make this a successful journey.

The course places much emphasis on customer-centricity and customer obsession. An example of a tool or a framework that would help reinforce the messaging amongst Sun Life colleagues is the ‘Customer Proposition Canvas’. This practical tool uses a logical way to guide us in putting the customer at the heart of any product or service offering.

Which module did you like most and why?

I actually liked the early modules that talked about disruption, the “Why, How, What” of the brand. It brought me back to the root and essence of what marketing is about, before moving on to the tactical side of digital marketing.

line? What advice would you give to someone thinking of embarking on the course?

Do not hesitate to enroll in Squared Online. It will be a lesson that shapes your thinking and takes it to the next level.

Squared Online is the award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed with Google and powered by Avado. The programme is designed to build leadership and collaboration skills through an interactive and hands-on approach and helps marketers develop their knowledge and confidence in all things digital.

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Radzif Nasri

Posted August 16, 2019