Developing a content strategy: Four phases of a content launch [video]

In this two-minute video, Hubspot’s marketing manager, Amanda Sibley explains one of the key areas to consider when developing a content strategy: the four phases of a content launch.

“First you have the planning phase,” Amanda says, “then the execution of the content, the promotion of it and then the measuring to make sure that what you did was successful.”

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Planning: Phase one of a content launch

“One hour planning actually saves ten hours of doing. Why wouldn’t you plan if you knew that this was a such a successful thing to do?

“So first while planning, you want to start planning far in advance. Depending on the size of the campaign you’re launching, you may want to start months in advance.

“At HubSpot, for content campaigns like ebooks, webinars and templates, we start planning 4-6 weeks in advance. This gives us plenty of time to make edits, get approvals, and start creating the promotional assets that we need.”

Why develop content as part of your strategy?

“The next thing you want to do in the planning phase is to make sure you have a really clear ‘why?’.

“While I was doing research for this presentation I found a statistic that said that over 60% of companies actually don’t have campaigns When developing a content strategy, always keep in mind the four phases of a content launch.and content campaigns that help their bottom line. This is crazy to me: why would you go to work if sixty percent of what you do doesn’t actually help your business? I would just take a vacation for more than half the year.

“So make sure you have that clear ‘why?’. It’ll help you get buy-in from other people in your team as well as upper management if you need additional resources.”

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Stephanie Khan

Posted December 2, 2015