Digital capabilities: Solving your businesses’ gap [video]

Are the people in your business where they need to be in terms of digital capabilities? In this on-demand talk Shuvo Saha, Director of the Google Digital Academy, discusses the gap in digital capabilities that the majority of businesses face.

Watch Shuvo’s full on-demand talk, filmed at the ADBL’s Digiskills Event at Google’s UK headquarters. Amongst other key issues, Shuvo considers the barriers and solutions to gaps in digital capabilities.

Solving the digital capabilities gap

“One of the key questions is: what do we mean by digital capabilities?” says Shuvo. “There’s a lot that gets said about technology, about infrastructure, about processes, about all sorts of things like that.

“But from our point of view… we really look at it from the point of view of people. Because capabilities start with real people, what they do, what they know and where their skills are.”

During his talk, Shuvo takes a quick poll of the audience, asking whether the marketing and HR leaders in attendance feel the people in their organisations are where they need to be in terms of digital capabilities. After finding that the majority feel their organisations are not where they need to be, Shuvo considers solutions to the gap.

“There’s a gap… we actually conducted a survey, which was looking at digital skills in marketeers, and pretty much eighty percent of the marketing industry in the UK and Germany all said that they did not think that there was really enough investment and resources going into digital capabilities in their people.

“So, a major gap, but a gap for us is what?

“What does good look like? How do you know when you’ve hit a ten? And that really is largely about, from our point of view, we’d always say it’s about where the customers are.

“Every organisation is seeking to build a business, and that business has customers. The interaction that those customers have with digital technology should drive how organisations react to that.

“That’s the mantra, customer-first, that we would always seek to endorse and encourage every organisation to think about.”

Watch Shuvo’s full, on-demand talk, where he discusses key issues including the barriers and solutions to digital capabilities gaps.

Stephanie Khan

Posted January 22, 2016