Digital Culture

What It Is And Why Companies Aspire To Achieve It

We’ve just wrapped up another successful webinar, this time on Digital Culture. This webinar was hosted by Miguel Bernas, who reviewed the # 1 barrier to achieving an advanced state of Digital Transformation. You can watch a video of the webinar here:

During the webinar, Miguel outlined 3 key success factors for developing a digital culture. One of these factors is the importance of using data for everyday decision-making and how companies must find ways to spread access of this data out to those who can use it.

A simple poll of the 100+ strong audience consisting of senior decision makers across various industries was conducted and interestingly, only 29% had indicated that data guides most business decisions versus the remaining 71% who said that data just has some influence or has no influence at all!

Miguel went on to quote data strategist Brent Dykes (from data visualization software Domo), who said, “most companies recognize that data in the hands of a few data experts can be powerful, but data at the fingertips of many is what will be truly transformational.”

Another key factor that Miguel brought up was the importance of building a culture that rewards innovation and that it should be a part of each team’s performance evaluation.

In Google, employees can devote up to 20% of their time on side projects and famously offers innovators a stake in the rewards of the ideas that are converted into products or services. This way, the individuals involved in those projects can see a direct result of their efforts in their paychecks or stock awards.

However, while “innovation” is commonly preached in many companies today, many continue to hold staff to KPIs that reinforce the status quo. In another poll conducted on our webinar audience, it was found that only 25% had a system in place that rewarded innovation.

Taking the Google example into consideration, in which side projects such as Gmail and Google Maps turned into great products with incredible adoption rates, innovation is surely an area that many organisational leaders need to look into in order to stay ahead.

Keen to find out more about Digital Culture? We’ve gotten Miguel to be a guest author on an article that explains what Digital Culture is all about and more critically, why many companies aspire to achieve it. Simply fill in the details on the form provided to download the article.

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Radzif Nasri

Posted September 2, 2020