Discussing the priorities for digital transformation at Development Den


The ADBL joined the Development Den learning and development community in Farringdon, London on Thursday, September 3rd.

Over the last few years, the ADBL has worked with many employers who have shared the challenges that they face when building a digitally capable organisation. To address these issues, the ADBL has developed a proprietary framework, designed to engage with teams who are approaching digital transformation; the Digiskills Playbook.

Outlining the four steps of the Digiskills Playbook, the ADBL’s new ventures director, Shevaun Haviland presented the background of the framework to Development Den; an audience of senior learning and development professionals, hailing from a wide range of industries including retail, media and technology.

Normally a project that we would run over a number of days for our clients, we compressed the Digiskills Playbook into an hour in order to share with the Development Den.


Tom Bryant, guest speaker on the ADBL Executive Diploma in Digital Business, gave an overview of our digital transformation framework: the seven priorities for driving change. The first step in the ADBL’s Digiskills Playbook is focusing on evaluating the importance and relevance of each priority to your organisation, and individual digital transformation project.

Tom is also a senior advisor to the UK government on digital skills and was responsible for creating the UK government’s Digital Skills Matrix, so he was able to share a number of insights and examples from his experience in the public sector, transforming the digital capabilities of central government.

After working through the seven priorities, Tom then led an interactive session and talked through step two of the Digiskills Playbook, the ADBL’s Digiskills scorecard. This is used to assess the digital capabilities of an organisation.

Development Den members got the opportunity to review the scorecard and discuss its relevance to their teams.

The third step, after defining the priorities and assessing capabilities is to ‘Get Started’. Shevaun outlined the various tools and services that the ADBL has available; IMG_0663_2.jpgTwo-day rapid immersion courses for C-suites; a six month online Executive Diploma in Digital Business; the award-winning Squared Online for digital marketers; and Dot Native, short courses available as a monthly subscription.

The fourth step in the ADBL Digiskills Playbook is ‘Measuring ROI’. For the Development Den group, we discussed the importance of setting clear targets and milestones and agreeing these both at the board level and with individual teams.

After we had talked through the ADBL’s Digiskills Playbook, we hosted a very productive interactive session with the audience who were able to relate the framework back to their own projects and teams. We had some excellent questions and valuable insights from the group which we’ll use in our ongoing evolution of the Digiskills Playbook.

If you’d like to know more about the ADBL’s Digiskills Playbook and find out how each stage might apply to your organisation, then please get in touch with Shevaun Haviland  (Shevaun.Haviland@theadbl.com) or join the ADBL to receive our newsletter and receive invitations to our next webinar or event to find out more.


Stephanie Khan

Posted September 10, 2015