How AVADO’s CIPD Level 3 course changed a single mum’s life and career

For Ana Vale, HR wasn’t a route she thought she’d go down. Four years ago, she was living in Portugal and working as a clinical psychologist. Due to the economic downturn, it was then that she made the difficult decision to move to the UK with her young daughter, leaving the life she knew and the field of psychology behind. She wasn’t motivated by that career anymore and knew that she needed to start a new path quickly when she arrived in England.

Ana Vale.jpegAna says she’d always had a ‘fascination with the business world and wanted to do something different’ which is why she decided to explore the world of HR.

She came across the CIPD and found, to her delight, that they partnered with online learning provider, AVADO. This meant that she could work full-time and look after her young daughter, at the same time as working toward her goal of changing career paths in her 40s. 

Now, a couple of years later, Ana reflects on her time with AVADO: 

‘The first job I had when I came to the UK was an admin role for a staff agency’ she says. ‘At the time I was studying the level 3 course, I got my first HR role. It gave me the confidence to keep pushing on with my studies’. She explained to me: ‘as soon as I finished level 3, I went straight onto level 5 and soon after completion, I was hired as a Group HR Officer. It’s such an amazing opportunity for me, I’m so excited and my CV looks great now!’. 

‘Without AVADO and the CIPD, it would have been really difficult for me’. Ana says that with her two CIPD qualifications, she now has ‘great confidence’ from both employers and in herself at what she’s doing despite only having 2 years’ experience in the field. Ana says she ‘had such a wonderful career in psychology and it wasn’t easy to change but I’ve learned so so much and look forward to continuing on this path’.  

She found the ‘flexibility of studying online to be so important’ especially as she’s a parent. Ana says that she would be writing a report and her daughter would say ‘come and play with me mum’. She would always stop and pay her attention then go back to work, and says she ‘couldn’t have done that in a classroom’. Her advice to fellow single parents, or any parent looking to study: ‘don’t stress too much – studies are very important. Kids come first but you can manage, it is possible’. 

Summing up her experience with AVADO, Ana says ‘it was great. Very well organised, with as much support from the tutor as I needed. It was also fantastic being able to adapt the study hours to my personal needs’. 

What’s next Ana? She plans to diversify and develop her HR experience as much as possible. ‘This course gives potential employers the confidence that I am willing to progress my career, and I believe that I was selected for interviews that I wouldn’t have without the qualifications.’ 

At AVADO, we’re as much about learning as we are about people and making the experience as valuable as possible for students.


Posted February 12, 2018