Disrupt or be disrupted: How to create a digitally capable organisation [video]

When building a digitally capable organisation, it is vitally important to understand what it is that you need to achieve.

“Unfortunately a lot of people still associate digital with digital marketing, or social media strategies,” says Tom Bryant, UK Government Senior Advisor on Digital Skills. “But it is much bigger than that.

“It is disrupt or be disrupted.”

Speaking during the ADBL’s recent webinar, How to build a digitally capable organisation, Tom was preceded on the panel by Michael Curry, CEO of the ADBL and Ben Rowland, co-founder of Arch Apprentices.

A digitally capable organisation

Introducing what it means to be a digitally capable organisation, Michael posed a question that all businesses now need to be considering:

“What is the digital imperative? What is the reason that you need to think about digital, and what is the response?”

Here, seven imperatives that the digital revolution has surfaced need to be considered, then used in order for an organisation to frame their response to the rapidly evolving digital climate:


  • Changing customer behaviours,
  • Digital channels to market,
  • Data a missed opportunity,
  • Agility and innovation,
  • Disruption,
  • Digital in all we do,
  • Emerging technology trends.

Taking the changing customer behaviours imperative as an example, Michael explained that “the context for customers has been changing rapidly, continues to change rapidly, and will go on changing rapidly. Organisations have to set themselves up to respond to that.”

It’s this concept of continual evolution that businesses need to grasp.

“[Digital] is not about a change that we need to make. It is not about a one-off initiative to go from A to B… That’s not what digital is about.

“The number one implication for me is building an organisation that can adapt for continuous change, because customer context will continue to change and businesses need to continue to change with those customers.”

Delving into far greater depth on what it is to be a digitally capable organisation, Michael’s presentation can be watched on-demand in full.

Stepping up to the digital skills challenge

Calling on his in-depth experience in procuring highly effective talent, among other areas Ben highlighted the competencies that a digitally capable employee possesses, whichever industry or department they work within.

“What day-to-day skills do you need people throughout an organisation to have?” Ben queried.

“We need to make sure that our new intake of talent that we’re using to future proof us for the digital future can do these four things: collaborate, organise, analyse, and produce.”

According to Ben’s research and client feedback, these are the day-to-day skills that digitally savvy businesses now expect anyone starting their career in 2015 to have.

Watch the full webinar on digitally capable organisations, including in-depth presentations by Ben and Michael, plus Tom’s own analysis after gaining years of experience in both the private and public sector.


Stephanie Khan

Posted July 29, 2015