How to enable Agile Marketing to take root in your organisation


In a world where a person would decide whether or not to abandon a piece of content within 3 seconds…

Marketing teams and processes need to be far more nimble in order to meet customer needs effectively, or risk losing them forever. This concern has become even more urgent over the last few months, as there has been a lot of pressure building on marketing leaders to adjust budgets and essentially keep the team afloat.

Many 12 or 18 month marketing plans have been derailed indefinitely. However, marketers are a resilient bunch, and will often (knowingly or unknowingly) use a combination of practices pulled from multiple agile frameworks, to execute their version of agility. This means responding to change rather than following a set plan whose context was set in a pre Covid-19 world. But is it enough?

This is where Avado can help. Nicholas Villani is a digital consultant who is widely regarded as one of Avado’s best speakers. Day-to-day, he helps companies to consider the wider implications involved in rapidly shifting customer expectations and then runs product innovation sprints together with them focused on creating digital-first value propositions.

Here is what he will be covering during this webinar:

  • Discuss the opportunities of adopting agile ways of working within marketing
  • Explain why a data-driven approach is critical
  • Explore how test-and-learn methodologies can be applied to marketing campaigns to optimise creatives and distribution
  • Articulate how the relationships between agencies and clients is changing and the challenges this presents
  • Demonstrate how agile methodologies can enable greater collaboration, better decision making and reduce risk
Nicholas has also written an article based on the webinar where he outlines what Agile is all about and why companies should consider it. If you would like to download the article, simply fill in your details in the form provided.

Keen to find out more about how you can enable agile marketing to take root in your organisation? Avado provides customised workshops that help people and companies build capabilities and enable real change. Get in touch with us at to figure out how to implement agile in your organisation with our selection of learning solutions and expert speakers such as Nicholas today.

Radzif Nasri

Posted October 30, 2020