How to prepare for digital transformation: 5 key principles [video]

Co-founder of Blenheim Chalcot, Manoj Badale knows first-hand what it takes for an organisation to prepare for digital transformation.

Alongside his business partner Charles Mindenhall, Manoj has been building successful, digitally competent businesses since 1998. In this video, Manoj imparts highly relevant insights for executives at organisations who are yet to fully embrace digital.

“How do you go about achieving digital transformation?” Manoj queries in the full video of his talk, filmed at Google’s London headquarters during the ADBL’s Digital Skills Transformation Event earlier this month.

“It’s no different to how you go about achieving any other type of transformation that any other of your organisations have been through.”

Speaking to the audience of learning and development executives and digital business leaders, Manoj gave an example of a potential conversation with someone looking to understand how to prepare for digital transformation at their organisation.

Digital is no different: How to prepare for digital transformation

“Every corporate change programme has to start with the same principles.

“To be effective, it has got to be driven from the top. Digital is no different.

“To be broad reaching, it’s going to require some re-training.

“To have impact, it’s going to require some rehiring.

“To be believed, it’s got to be measured.

“And to have lasting impact, you have to change your incentive structures. Or you at least have to examine your incentive structures.”How to prepare for digital transformation at your organisation: Blenheim Chalcot's Manoj Badale

Referring back to implementation of digital transformation, in the full video Manoj explains that: “Whether we were changing the brand, whether we were doing a corporate behavioural change initiative, or whether we were undergoing a strategy change project, those would be the five principles that would underpin the transformation process.

“Digital is no different.

“Those are the five principles that you have to adopt and apply.”

If you’re trying to understand how to prepare for digital transformation in your organisation, then watch Manoj’s full talk at the Digital Skills Transformation Event. In the on-demand video, Manoj goes into more detail on each of the five key principles.


Stephanie Khan

Posted August 19, 2015