“It’s so worth it. I can’t wait to put my CIPD certificate on my wall!”

HR Level 5 graduate Nikki Braidwood shares her AVADO journey: why she chose to study HR with CIPD Enterprises in partnership with AVADO, what the support was like and what she’s taken away from her course.  

Why did you decide to study CIPD Level 5 in HR Management? Nikki Braidwood

Like a lot of people, I guess I fell into HR by accident! I really like doing it – no two days are the same, it’s interesting and all about people.  

I got to a point in my career where I had been looking to progress into an HR advisor role but was struggling without evidence of the hands-on experience I had.   

This is when I decided I wanted to study the level 5 CIPD qualification. I’d studied level 3 and wanted to get to the next level. I did my previous qualification at a college and it was really hard-going (having to go to college after work) so I wanted to look for an alternate way to study. 

I came across AVADO through a Google search. I made some enquiries, realised I could afford to pay through a monthly payment plan and was intrigued by studying online.  

Why did you decide to study with AVADO over other providers? 

I came across another online training provider but decided to go with CIPD Enterprises in partnership with AVADO. The selling point of AVADO began with the first phone call. My course advisor was very enthusiastic and really knew what they were talking about. 

My tutor was Hayley Montgomery.  Her webinars and additional support certainly lived up to expectations. Hayley was super motivating and encouraging the whole time. Tutor support is a huge focus with AVADO and it really made me choose to study with them. 

I very much felt that I’d be out on my own with other providers. With AVADO, there’s lots of ways to connect with fellow students including the Facebook group one of my peers created. 

What was support like on the course? 

Aside from getting support from my tutor and peers, webinars were hugely useful. The recordings were so great – I watched some of them back three times to get my head around a topic.  

Being there for each other really makes the difference. It was great to all celebrate together at the end of the course – a real sense of achievement!  

What did you take away from the course content? 

Employment Law was the subject I found most useful and interesting – tribunals, how they start and what they go through before it gets to tribunal.  

There was also a lot of context for HR professionals. We gauged each other’s opinions of HR and discussed what we can do with it. It’s so much more than GDPR, sickness and absence. 

 Any advice for those looking to study CIPD with AVADO? 

Don’t expect too much of yourself right from the start. Level 5 is harder and more detailed; the first webinar may scare you but stick with it! 

Make sure you put time aside to do it properly – it’s so so worth it, and such a good feeling when you complete it. I can’t wait to put the certificate on my wall! 

At AVADO, we’re as much about learning as we are about people and making the experience as valuable as possible for our students. To find out more about our CIPD courses, click here or call us on +44(0)20 3911 3407.  


Posted February 26, 2019