Keyword research tips for effective search engine marketing [video]

Rough Agenda’s Kelvin Newman shares his keyword research tips in this video taken from the ADBL’s Dot Native, helping to inform your search engine marketing.

Topics Kelvin covers include using Google AdWords, thinking about the keywords that potential customers are searching for, effective customer targeting and creating keyword personas.

An excerpt from the ADBL’s Dot Native, Kelvin is one of many marketing leaders offering expert insights, advice and techniques during the marketing course’s bite-sized video tutorials.

“In both paid and natural search campaigns, one of the key things you need to understand is the keywords or key phrases and their resulting groups,” Kelvin says. “These are the words or phrases that your potential customers are going to the search engine and typing in.”

Often, it’s tempting but ill-advised to optimise for vanity keywords; keywords that appeal to those within a company, but are not used frequently by their prospects.

“A really good example of this is in the UK, and if you pay for a tax on your car,” Kelvin explains. “Its name is vehicle excise duty, but people don’t search for vehicle excise duty. They search for car tax or tax disc.”

To avoid this, Kelvin recommends questioning: “what do we think describes our business?”. If stuck, a brief analysis of the pages on a company’s website can help focus your keyword research back onto the products or services your company offers.

Recommended keyword research tools

With a wide array of both paid and free keyword research tools available, Kelvin recommends one free tool over all others to kick-off your keyword research.

“The one I get the most value from is Google’s AdWords tool.”

But to use such tools, you’ll need a strategy in place.Kelvin Newman offer his keyword research tips to help ensure effective search engine marketing

“You’ll often end up with a keyword list that’s potentially thousands of keywords, and that’s not very useful for you as a business.”

“What we want to know is how we can use these keywords better, and better set up our campaigns, rather than having a long list of keywords in an Excel spreadsheet that no one reads.

“You’re better off grouping these into personas,” says Kelvin.

“Even if you never carry out search marketing campaign it’s worth looking at the keywords that you’re targeting, simply to ensure that your marketing will be based upon a better understanding of how your customers think about what it is you as a business do.”

Kelvin’s video on keyword research tips for search engine marketing is an excerpt from the ADBL’s Dot Native. Find out more about Dot Native in this one-minute video, or claim your free 30-day trial to access up-to-date, bite-sized courses on the latest digital tools, techniques and methods in modern marketing.



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Stephanie Khan

Posted September 4, 2015