How to lead in the world of digital learning [video]

Presenting in the Ignite format at the ADBL’s Digital Skills Transformation Event, Andy Lancaster’s talk covers three pertinent issues for learning and development executives:

  • How to build a business case to go digital,
  • The state of digital competency within the learning and development profession,
  • The future of learning and development, and how learning and development needs to evolve to remain relevant.

With the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) undergoing their own digital transformation, as head of learning and development at the organisation Andy is ideally placed to speak about the process, the potential and the challenges that learning and development executives face.

“The workplace is changing incredibly fast… not only do we have new technologies; we have younger people coming into the workplace now who have very different learning methods; we have folks moving from one organisation to another – there isn’t the same level of commitment within organisations. People are moving.

“So we need to look at change.”

Benefits of digital in learning and development

“We now need to have a compelling view of where learning is going in the digital space, and that is something that should inspire us.

“We’ve been stuck in the classroom for far too long. It has been a restriction to us. Digital learning now allows us to take content created in Bradford and import it to Bangalore.

“It’s about just in time and not delayed; sometimes it has taken us so long to create courses – months sometimes, and folks are now expecting things to be far more reactive and agile. Digital learning allows us to get to market very quickly with our solutions.

“It’s about learning in the flow of work. Seventy percent of people now use Google as their primary source for learning… we need to enable people to learn in the workplace and not to have to go to some remote classroom at a time that doesn’t suit them – digital gives us that option.

“Social learning… digital suddenly enables folks to be plugged into communities of practice all over the world. It’s not just the six people you are in the room with; you can plug in via digital to a whole network of learners around the world.Andy_Lancaster_video_at_the_Digital_Skills_Transformation_Event

“It’s about user choice; one size doesn’t fit all, and one colour doesn’t fit all. Yet we expect learners to take the same diet from our one classroom course.

“It’s about having bite-size learning, not just feasts… we need to recognise that bite-size learning is a far more effective way to learn and neuroscience would underpin that.

“Not only that, we have digital multi-generational learning… We need to recognise that digital is for all generations; it’s something we need to harness.

You can watch the entire video of Andy’s informative talk at the Digital Skills Transformation Event, along with two other senior learning and development executives from Santander and John Lewis. Watch Andy’s talk at the Digital Skills Transformation Event.



Stephanie Khan

Posted August 5, 2015