Leading the Way to Greater Agility in Business


This interactive webinar will focus on how leaders can empower greater business agility and put agile principles at the heart of business and digital transformation. It will feature useful insights into how agile principles can be scaled across organisations, how leaders can make smart decisions around where and how to apply agile ways of working, and how leaders can establish an agile culture that can catalyse improved collaboration, responsiveness and adaptability. Key themes covered include:

  • The challenges and pitfalls of agile transformation: understanding the need to balance optimisation with transformation, to unlearn and relearn, and the mindset shifts involved with moving to more agile ways of working
  • Applying agile principles at scale: how to widen the benefits of agile and apply key ceremonies, techniques and methods across multiple functions. How to ensure that teams stay adaptive and can prioritise and learn well. How to be more data-driven in decision-making and establish fast feedback loops that can create real momentum
  • Leadership behaviours to support agile culture: understanding the behaviours that can support a culture of collaboration, high performance and moving fast. The importance of growth mindset, employee engagement and bringing people on the journey with you. How to embed a true agile culture to deliver long-term transformation
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Radzif Nasri

Posted April 13, 2021