Mona thought she had to go back to uni to study… until she discovered CIPD at AVADO!

Meet one of our fantastic CIPD HR students, Mona Khairi. Mona wasn’t having much luck trying to get herself an HR role, so she decided to return to university and get CIPD qualified. But it was a conversation with an AVADO alumnus that convinced her that studying online was the way to go! Read the full interview below:

What were you doing before starting the course?

Before I started the course I was a recruitment administrator. I was working there for about a year and a half while I was doing this course and was starting to look for an HR role. Eventually an opportunity came around which is a team assistant role for a recruitment company. It’s not entirely HR focussed, but I will be picking up some HR projects there.


Did they see the CIPD qualification as a benefit?

Yes, because although it wasn’t originally an HR role once I told them about my studies and my interest in HR they considered a higher salary was appropriate for me and the role was expanded.


What made you decide to study CIPD Level 3?

I’ve always been interested in HR and wanted to pursue it as a career, but I didn’t study an HR course at university. After I graduated I started applying for HR positions but it wasn’t going anywhere as I had no HR training, which is why I ended up as a recruitment administrator instead. I knew I wanted to study CIPD but I was thinking that I had to go back to uni, leave my job, and study full time for a year. I was saving up money to be able to do this when I met someone that had studied CIPD with AVADO in the past, and he explained to me that I could study while I was working. It’s perfect because it works around your lifestyle. The cost doesn’t put a lot of pressure on you either because you can pay on a monthly basis, so there was no need to save up.


How did you find learning online? Had you done it before?

I’d never done any studying online, all the learning I had done before I would have to physically be somewhere. Studying online worked out a lot better for me, because if there was a class going on at 7 and I knew I wouldn’t be home for it I could easily catch up the next day or at the weekend. I had a lot of support from my tutors, so there weren’t many times when I was confused and even if I was they would reply back very quickly when I asked for help. All the students who were studying the course with me also had a WhatsApp group so we could help each other out if we were unsure about anything. There was always help and support available.


Have you enjoyed the live classes?

Yes, when I was able to attend the classes I often asked questions and the tutors were very good at answering thoroughly so you would understand what the unit was about. I always used to take notes which I would look back at them later if I was unsure about something. Plus the recordings of the classes and slides were all available for you to revise from. So all in all they were very helpful!

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George Ferguson

Posted October 17, 2017