Prepare to Pass your ACCA exams: Week 7 – Ask for help

It is OK to ask for help.

It may seem odd that I need to say this, but surprisingly there are some students whose preferred method of studying is reading, highlighting, underlining and re-reading passages in the hope that at some point they might just “get it”.

They may be a better method.

Ask for help.

Of course, you do need to do an initial read through the material, followed by an attempt at a question to check your understanding, but if you don’t then understand why your answer is wrong I suggest some additional help is needed.

If you are on a formal course, then you will have a tutor who is there to help you. I know that there is usually at least one topic within a subject that will be tricky, and it is not the same topic for all students. One student’s “easy win” is another student’s “dreaded question”.

And that’s the first point to note.  Even if everyone else in your study group understands something, it bears no reflection on your ability to pass the final exam. It just means you need a bit more guidance now.

Ask for help.

I spend much of my day answering student’s individual questions and, like most tutors, I am genuinely happy to help. I teach subjects that I find interesting and useful so, of course, I am always willing to talk more about the subject.

So when I get a student query I can find different ways of explaining an answer. I’ll include real world examples to illustrate a point, or do a step-by-step approach to a calculation checking understanding at each stage, or I’ll mark and answer to see where the problem has arisen. There will be some way in which I can ensure you do understand.

But it doesn’t have to be a tutor and other people around you can help too. If you work in an accounting role then speak to you colleagues or line manager. Or why not ask your study group for some peer-to-peer learning.

And that’s the second point to note. There is a huge learning experience in explaining something to someone else.  Rather than being a burden to your study buddy you are actually helping them to consolidate their learning. I encourage my students to share their questions in our online community forums to ensure they benefit from this collaborative learning.

Therefore, the next time you get bogged down just remember: ask for help.

Caron Betts

Posted November 6, 2018