Squared Online Graduate Story: Chanel

“Squared Online really set me up for success in the future”

Squared Online is the award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed with Google. Endorsed by The Marketing Society and the CPD Standards Office, it is a course that helps marketers develop their knowledge and confidence in all things digital.

Working for one of the most glamourous companies in the world, Chanel, Cherry is very familiar with the changing consumer landscape and how it affects businesses. For the past couple of years, Cherry has been working on display, search marketing, and social campaigns for Chanel, but she knew there was more she could be learning.

“I was looking for a course that would help me understand more channels and how an integrated marketing strategy fits all the pieces together to engage consumers along their journey.”

Cherry worked with her manager to identify Squared Online as a course that could help her develop the skills as an all-round marketer and a confident strategist. Cherry also set a personal goal to understand more about data.

“We collected a lot of data on our campaigns, but I didn’t feel that we always used the information to conduct thorough analyses, draw implications and actions, and implement the changes needed for the next time.”

Having never done an online course, Cherry embarked on her Squared Online journey with a little trepidation. However, soon she found that she was happily immersed in the virtual learning environment.

“It was easier to attend weekly live classes online rather than attend physical classes. I enjoyed joining the live classes because I could participate and ask questions. I really felt like I was part of a classroom!”

Being in a business with a lot of seasonality demands, flexibility was also key for Cherry’s success.

“I appreciated that I had a wide time frame to learn at my own pace between the live classes, since I could access the virtual campus anytime to revisit the materials or complete my activities. This helped me balance my workload.”

Group work made the learning “real” for Cherry. Through group work she was able to practice implementing new ideas into real plans and strategies.

“It was nice to be able to count on each other to deliver their parts. Beyond the discussions to collaborate, we also spent some time sharing what we’d learned and how we’d implemented it at work between our group, which helped to encourage one another along.”

Since Squared Online, Cherry has made some changes back at work, too. She has contributed to designing a thorough post-campaign analysis, so that her team can evaluate campaigns and influence future decisions with more knowledge.

“Digital is happening whether we like it or not, there’s no way to avoid it. This course was a great step for me to jump in and be more comfortable with everything new that comes my way. It’s really set me up for success in the future.”



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Radzif Nasri

Posted February 19, 2021