Squared Online Graduate Story: Manulife

“Squared Online provided practical tools and frameworks which I found really helpful. I now use these simple tools to help articulate complex ideas to my team, colleagues and stakeholders.”

Manulife, a global insurer headquartered in Canada, has a large presence in Asia with operations spanning 12 markets and serving more than 8 million customers. Its businesses include financial advisory, insurance and wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups and institutions.

In Asia, Manulife has been spearheading innovative efforts to create seamless customer experiences and bringing simpler, faster and more integrated solutions to the market

As the Head of Digital Marketing for Manulife in Vietnam, Victor is developing and executing digital engagement strategies and the design of front-end web infrastructure – with particular attention to acquisition and conversion. He oversees performance tracking and data analytics to optimise revenue, channel and campaign effectiveness.

Victor was nominated to participate in this digital marketing leadership program, with the added responsibility of helping to evaluate the Squared Online course and determine its suitability for Manulife colleagues in Asia.

Let’s hear from Victor Cobo Ramirez, who successfully graduated from Squared Online in 2018.

What do you think of the overall learning experience?

Manulife offered me this opportunity so I was happy to join the Squared Online program. Digital is an area I’m passionate about and, although I have been specialising in digital marketing for some time now, I was curious what the course was about. Initially, I expected it to be a typical online course where I would watch some videos and complete some activities. But Squared Online wasn’t like that at all. The interactive nature made the learning experience unique and interesting.

What did you find enjoyable?

What I enjoyed most was being in a learning environment where there were other digital marketing professionals in my field. The live classes, forum activities and group work offered many opportunities for dynamic interactions with my classmates. As we all came with our own experiences and knowledge, we enjoyed exchanging views and opinions, which made the discussions that much more interesting. I valued this element of the program – particularly the group work and collaborating with other digital professionals. I found it engaging and enriching.

Which part of the course offered the most value to you?

A very practical takeaway was the set of methodologies I learned, including the See-Think-Do-Care digital marketing framework, Content Marketing Matrix and Digital Marketing and Measurement Model (DMMM). Case studies brought real-world relevance to these frameworks. I find it incredibly valuable to have these practical tools, as they help me and my team members in enhancing our digital performance plans Before the course, it was sometimes difficult to explain complex ideas to my team and to management. Now I can use these very simple frameworks to articulate concepts and as guiding principles. I even use them in internal proposals and business cases to illustrate plans and ideas. The module I enjoyed most was Module 3 – Digital Channels & Strategy. We had to develop a holistic marketing proposal that captured an end-to-end digital strategy, integrating channels and embedding search, content, display and programmatic in the mix. This group project forced us to consider each step, with the customer always at the heart of our thinking. At work, I would be very focused on results and performance measurement but, having gone through this module, I now look at things from different perspectives and have a more holistic view. Module 5 – Staying Ahead of the Curve – was highly relevant as we went deeper into programmatic, which is very topical and important for any marketer.

How did you find the Squared Online learning design?

The way the course was designed and structured, with pre-class activities before the live classes, helped to reinforce the learnings. The journey required commitment. Completing the program successfully and graduating with certification was very rewarding. It’s great to see Manulife Asia is committed to investing in and developing its digital talent. We continue to bring in colleagues from the region. We now have staff from a range of digital roles representing Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Japan on the Squared Online program.


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Radzif Nasri

Posted February 19, 2021