Squared Online Review: Associated Integrated Media Director, Philippines

Sol Romero | Squared Online Graduate | Philippines

Designed to build leadership and collaboration skills through an interactive and hands-on approach, Avado’s digital marketing leadership course, developed with Google, helps marketers increase their knowledge and confidence in all things digital. Here’s what Sol Romero, who was awarded the commendation of ‘Inspirational Square’ has to say!

But first, what’s an inspirational Square?

Inspirational Squares are people who have been nominated by their peers for the exceptional level of dedication and help they have demonstrated over the duration of the course. This award is given to only 5 students in every cohort.

Squared Online grad, Sol Romero, is an Associated Integrated Media Director at Spark Foundry Manila, a full-service media agency.

With a strong background in Above-The-Line (ATL) advertising, Sol firmly believes in the potential of digital and took up Squared Online to better handle future business challenges.

“I liked the group projects because although challenging, I was fortunate to work with really brilliant people! We had interesting ideas borne from sharing sessions and healthy discussions.”

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What did you hope or expect to get out of Squared Online?

Before the start of the program, I expected and hoped that the digital marketing course would expand my digital knowledge both in terms of breadth and depth. Ultimately, I had wanted Squared Online to help me become more confident so that I can be a more effective leader.

Do you find yourself to be more confident in digital marketing since graduating?

Definitely. The program gave me breadth (Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Social, Content, Data and Analytics and Programmatic) and depth (best practices in social, mobile, display, etc) of understanding when it comes to digital!

What did you enjoy the most about the programme?

I enjoyed the individual activities which we needed to accomplish during every module. I also liked the readings and case studies provided because they have inspired me to be more innovative, to challenge the status quo and to see the beauty of digital beyond what I know.

How has the experience changed the way you work?

It didn’t massively change the way I work because I have always been a firm believer of digital but it definitely changed the way I think– moving beyond digital strategy and execution to more on how digital can transform businesses, disrupt practices and be used to understand the behavior and dimensions of consumers.

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Radzif Nasri

Posted July 9, 2020