Squared Online Review: Senior Experience Designer, Hong Kong

Cindy Chen – Squared Online Graduate – Hong Kong

‘Squared Online was truly inspiring. I enjoyed the entire journey… every module had something that stood out that could be applied to my day to day work. I found topics such as Search, Display, Programmatic and Data Analytics hugely beneficial to me, as rational design needs to incorporate these elements to ensure sustainable growth.’

A global luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle leader in retail, Lane Crawford offers the largest designer portfolio in Greater China. With the launch of its digital flagship in 2011, Lane Crawford became the first omni-channel fashion retailer in the region to cater to an increasingly mobile-led customer base.

As Lane Crawford’s Senior Experience Designer, Cindy oversees all phases of the XD lifecycle, including ideation, UI design and usability testing. Cindy collaborates closely with multidisciplinary teams to develop a holistic customer experience, from website to mobile and in-store.

With a passion for learning and professional development, Cindy joined the Squared Online program in 2017 to gain greater exposure across all digital fundamentals. One of her key objectives was to learn how to better leverage and analyse customer and campaign data, to generate meaningful insights and applications.

Driven by her enthusiasm and appreciation of Lane Crawford’s talent development initiatives, Cindy graduated from Squared Online with much success, and with a wide variety of learnings.

What do you think of the overall learning experience?

I truly enjoyed the entire journey and I learned a lot through sharing and collaborating with people around the world. Squared Online encompassed a wide range of topics, different viewpoints and methodologies.

I endorse the program as it requires participants to not only consider technology’s impact on business and marketing models, but also in the context of customer experience, business plan validation and measurement, decision-making and leadership.

Which part of the course offered the most value to you?

Every module had something that stood out and was applicable to my day-to-day work. I particularly enjoyed the See-Think-Do-Care framework and the Business Model Canvas.

The “Mobile and Social Strategy” module gave me some great ideas for how to better engage targeted customers across multiple projects and platforms.

Equally enjoyable were the modules on Search, Display, Programmatic and Data Analytics. These topics were hugely beneficial to me, as rational design needs to incorporate these elements to ensure sustainable growth.

I now feel I can speak and challenge much more confidently about these topics after the learning.

How did you find the Squared Online learning design?

Overall, how the course was structured and delivered inspired me a lot and certainly impacted the overall learning experience. Apart from pre/post-class content, we used a variety of dynamic formats, such as interactive live classes, collaborative activities such as polls, whiteboards and team projects. The reflections and feedback elements further embedded the learning.

Virtual collaboration was new and unique to me. I feel lucky to have worked with inspiring team members from other industries and markets. We built upon ideas, worked collaboratively to share tasks whilst challenging each other to shape a better outcome. We were very proud when our whitepaper was selected by Squared Online as one of the top 3!

How will you apply the learnings? 

Going forward, I wish to move into a more strategic role and drive design strategically.

I feel the learning helped me gain better understanding of marketing concepts and business models. In particular, I will use the Value Proposition Model that I’ve learned to propose new and innovative ideas, build road-maps and market new and exciting customer opportunities.

I consider the entire Squared Online journey a very rewarding and enlightening experience for me. Thanks to Lane Crawford for the support and giving me this amazing learning opportunity!


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Radzif Nasri

Posted July 10, 2020