Squared Online Review: Strategic Planner, Singapore

Squared Online is the revolutionary Digital Marketing leadership course that Avado has developed in partnership with Google that equips you with the tools needed to build innovative, customer-centric strategies for the digital age.

Technology is in a constant state of flux, presenting both challenges and opportunities to all of us. If you’re keen on knowing how to build up your digital capabilities and would like to know how past graduates have fared, look no further. In this blog post, we have Zulayha Sharin, who shares with us what she enjoys most about the course.

Tell us about yourself

I’m Zulayha Sharin, a Strategic Planner with Construct Digital Pte Ltd who has 4 years of experience in Digital Media and Strategy, having developed strategies for B2C and B2B clients across FMCG and large MNC brands.

What made you decide to study Squared Online?

I had a few goals in mind and was looking to upgrade my Digital Marketing capabilities while exploring more about data and analytics. Additionally, I was hoping to gain more hands-on experience through Squared Online’s assortment of coursework and project work.

What module did you find particularly useful and what did you enjoy about the programme?

I enjoyed Module 3, which was about ‘Digital Channels and Technologies’. There, I learnt much about planning effective search campaigns and devising programmatic approaches.

It was great that I could tap on the expertise of fellow group mates as we went about completing the projects together, and I enjoyed working with professionals from different backgrounds during these group projects.

Has Squared Online impacted your life and the way you work?

Yes, I think it has been challenging to work on multiple projects within short deadlines while managing work. But it did push me to work harder.

I have also developed a greater understanding Digital Marketing as a whole! The frameworks were very useful and were something I could utilise for my pitches at work.

Would you recommend Squared Online to others?

I would definitely recommend Squared Online as it provides you with a deeper understanding of the digital marketing landscape. I would say that the projects are extremely helpful to you in the long run because it pushes you to apply the learnings in a way that you can use at work.

Squared Online is the award-winning digital marketing leadership course that’s developed with Google and powered by Avado. The programme is designed to build leadership and collaborative skills in addition to developing knowledge and confidence in all things digital.

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Radzif Nasri

Posted December 5, 2020