The ADBL and MediaMath partner for programmatic master class

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with MediaMath to produce a Dot Native master class on their specialist subject: programmatic advertising.

The ADBL and MediaMath partner for Dot Native master class on programmatic advertising

Plus, in celebration of the master class’ launch, the ADBL are pleased to offer a free, seven day trial (no credit or debit card needed) allowing the first 1,000 registrants the chance to complete the programmatic master class for free.


Expanding the library of short courses and master classes hosted on the ADBL Dot Native learning platform, The Power of Programmatic covers the essentials to mastering programmatic campaigns. From understanding the key terms, to targeting audiences, the difference between white and black lists and improving your campaign performance.

“In these videos, you will learn why programmatic matters, how dynamic creative works and best practices when setting up and optimising a programmatic marketing campaign,” explains Trevor Miranda, lead trainer at MediaMath. “It’s our goal to go beyond the basics and really empower marketers to understand programmatic and in turn make smarter decisions to drive business in the direction the industry is moving.”

As has been discussed on the ADBL blog before, understanding what programmatic buying actually is can be hard, and mastering it harder still. But with this new Dot Native master class in programmatic, marketers can both improve their understanding and prove it to their peers with a LinkedIn badge.

A seven day free trial is available for the first 1,000 people who register their interest, allowing them to complete the programmatic master class and claim their LinkedIn badge for free.


Stephanie Khan

Posted January 28, 2016