The Latest Digital Transformation Trends: Gamification

Did you know that 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to a lack of an engagement? At larger, legacy-era companies, this number could be closer to 90%. We all know that businesses need to adapt to the changing technology, market conditions and consumer behaviour of this digital age, but this is incredibly challenging to do with an unmotivated team.

How can businesses keep employees engaged? One answer is to employ the same tactics that game designers use to keep players interested: to employ gamification.

What do we mean by gamification? It’s the concept of digital motivation through gaming, and it plays on the psychology that drives human engagement – the drive to compete, improve and out-do – and to get instantly rewarded while doing so.

An example of gamification at work in a business context would be at Starbucks. Starbucks prioritises customer and employee loyalty and engagement, for example with it’s Starbucks Rewards scheme, where gamification serves to transform a traditional card loyalty program into something much more complex.

Gamification can be used to drive employee engagement. A gamification tool taps into the psychological behaviours that govern the day-to-day decisions we make, by providing a platform for competition, sharing your achievements and managing the progress of your work. Some tools that are successful include:

  • Giving users the motivation to do something
  • Giving users the ability to carry out a task
  • Giving users a trigger or cue to complete the action

Many also see an opportunity for gamification in the growing culture of workplace mobility. Many managers no longer have a direct line of sight to employees in the office environment, so gamification offers a chance to easily track, communicate, and reward employees no matter where they work.

In terms of training, companies have a chance to move beyond classroom-based learning or boring e-learning to much more interactive training methods that reinforce policies and culture, and which teach new concepts. Here at AVADO, our Dot Native platform utilises this concept of gamification. It’s comprised of bite-sized content that significantly increases digital knowledge in 60 minutes per week – using learning activities, interactive videos, assessments and social activities.


Posted May 31, 2018