Three essential qualities of a good marketer [video]

In this video from the ADBL’s Dot Native, John Roberts, founding director of the AO Group offers his three essential qualities of a good marketer.

John knows exactly what a good marketer looks like; he founded AO in 2000 after a pub bet with friends and floated the company on the London Stock Exchange in 2014 for £1.2 billion.


An excerpt from the ADBL’s Dot Native, John discusses digital marketing alongside other marketing leaders in far greater detail during the marketing course’s bite-sized video tutorials.

The qualities of a good marketer

John’s first essential quality for a marketer? Understand the process, as well as the theory.

While a holistic view is useful, planning out the finer details of a campaign is essential to both achieve what you set out to and avoid unintended consequences.

“Know the detail… One of my criticisms of marketers generally is that they’re talking in esoteric language. It’s very high level while the devil is very much in the detail.”

Secondly, speak in plain English. “If you can’t explain it to me like I’m a three-year-old, you don’t understand it…” John says. “They should be able to explain it to anybody.”

As John points out, failure to explain a campaign or strategy clearly can lead to colleagues believing you don’t truly understand what it is that you’re talking about.John Roberts discusses his three qualities of a good marketer

“Big words are just a cover up for the fact that that you don’t understand something,” John says.

The final quality of a good marketer, according to John? Prove your worth.

“How do you prove value in what you’re doing?”

“You need to build the confidence that you truly do you know what you’re talking about.”

John’s video on the qualities of a good marketer is an excerpt from the ADBL’s Dot Native. Find out more about Dot Native in this one-minute video, or claim your free 30-day trial to access up-to-date, bite-sized courses on the latest digital tools, techniques and methods in modern marketing.



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Stephanie Khan

Posted September 4, 2015