Top 5 attractions of online learning

Back in the 90s, the internet was a jungle, full of simplistic sites and archaic page loading times. But long gone are the days of the ten-minute dial tone. Technology has advanced dramatically, and with it, online learning has fast become one of the most popular training methods. It is now commonplace for people to use e-learning platforms to attain internationally-recognised qualifications and keep their training up-to-date.

But would online learning work for you? At AVADO, we’re always trying to provide learners with a great digital learning experience. So, I asked some of our learners for feedback on our CIPD HR Level 3 and 5 course. Some have not completed any formal learning or qualifications for years, so I was particularly interested to hear why they had chosen our online course. Here are the top five attractions of online learning they picked out…


1) Flexibility.
You’re working full time, but want to advance your career. You’re a parent of three, can’t travel

but want a recognised qualification. How do you find the time to do a year-long course? At AVADO, our courses are designed for learners with differing schedules. Our online courses give you the flexibility to complete learning, activities and assignments in your own time, alongside your hectic timetables. Only have evening and weekends? No problem. Just pick up where you left off.

“Flexibility for me was key, as I work a variety of hours due to my role and it enabled me to fit my learning around a full-time job and commitments that I already have throughout the study year”
Nicola Fitzpatrick (CIPD Level 5 HR student)


2) Interactive Learning.

AVADO’s learning platforms are designed to make learning interactive. Our programmes are full of bite-size activities, quizzes, discussions and online lessons, to suit different learning styles and we integrate videos, engaging material and animations to bring lessons to life! Our live online support sessions (aka Webinars) prove a popular opportunity for learners to see and talk to their tutors. Whilst the tutor is on webcam, delivering the session, learners can interact and pose questions via chat boxes.

“The site is really easy to use and information readily available which makes logging in and doing a bit of work each night nice and easy”
Stephanie Hume, CIPD Level 5 HR student


3) Networking.

Online learning can be a lot more social than people initially suspect. Our HR learners are constantly sharing ideas and experiences on our forums. At AVADO, we foster a community and actively encourage learners to help each other along the way. Online courses offer an excellent opportunity to network with far more people than you ever would in the classroom, with learners from all over the world and many different industries.

“I have found that the online networking is really useful – reading other people’s posts has taught me a lot, particularly as I don’t work in an HR role. Being able to watch live classes which have been recorded is also very helpful either to reinforce something or if I am unable to attend the live session”
Lindsey Miller, CIPD Level 5 HR student


4) Tutors and Community Support.

Worried about ‘distance learning’? Don’t be. We have an excellent support network and our tutors have a wide breadth of experience and teaching expertise. Learners are designated one tutor for the entirety of their course, unless they switch to a different cohort. The tutors are contactable via email, skype, phone and online forums. You’re not just a number on our courses, your tutor and community coordinator will get to know you and are always happy to assist with any questions. For general enquiries, our student services team work 6 days a week, available to support you with any emerging queries.

“The whole process has been easy and while the course is challenging to say the least, the actual VLC is easy to use and the support is fantastic.”
Gemma Bowman Yard, CIPD Level 5 HR student


5) International.

At AVADO, our digital classrooms are global, reaching learners from all over the world. Wherever you are, whatever the time-zone, online courses allow you to complete recognised qualifications without having to be in the same room. All our live sessions and webinars are recorded for the benefits of our learners. Which means, if you’re busy or in another time zone, you can always catch up on the recording the next day!

“I chose online learning to work alongside my job as Cabin Crew in the Royal Air Force. I currently work all kinds of hours and no two weeks are the same. I travel around a lot and with online learning I can log into Wi-Fi and away I go. I needed something I could do all hours of the day.”
 Anonymous, CIPD Level 3 HR student


It’s always daunting embarking on a new course. But we ensure that all our learners are supported each step of the way. Think online learning could work for you? Check out our website here to find out about our wide range of online courses.

Stephanie Khan

Posted August 21, 2017