Use our ‘Digiskills’ survey to assess the digital competency of your organisation

Before you can start to transform your organisation you need to understand what the current state of digital capability is, in order to establish the baseline for future improvement.

Measuring your current capability will indicate areas of strength and weakness, enabling you to target your resources accordingly. It will also allow you to benchmark your organisation against the industry average, giving you a compelling reason to take action. We’ve also found that the process itself can help bring to life what ‘digital capability’ really means.

The ADBL has produced the Digiskills Scorecard, as a framework to help organisations measure their digital competence. The ADBL have developed this Scorecard based upon our experience of working with and supporting businesses implementing digital transformation.

We have now made a simplified version of the Digiskills Scorecard available as a short 10 minute survey, the “Digiskills Survey”. This survey is now closed.

Take this survey now and:-

  • Better understand what ‘digital capability’ means
  • Assess your organisation against key capabilities
  • Get full access to our industry wide benchmarking report on ‘digital capability’
  • Claim your invitation to our live webinar on the 14th of October when we will be sharing our initial findings from the survey.

This survey is now closed.

 The Digiskills Scorecard is part of the ADBL’s Digiskills Playbook: How to measure and then implement digital capability in your organisation.

digiskills survey picture of final report

Stephanie Khan

Posted October 5, 2015