Worried about returning to education? Don’t be.

Do you want to advance your career? Do you want to increase your potential salary earnings? Do you feel it is time for a change and want to build a brand new career but are worried about returning to learning?

From our experiences of talking to our students over the last 25 years, we understand the idea of returning to education can be a little daunting for a number of reasons. Don’t let any worries you may have get in the way of enhancing your career and achieving your professional goals.

We have answered all the questions we often get asked about returning to education, have a read and see why, actually, it is incredibly easy to start learning again and taking that chance will really pay off!

“Will I have enough time to study?”

If you have a busy life with existing work, family and social commitments, distance learning is your perfect option. You can study wherever and whenever it suits you, without having to attend classes every week. You can manage your own schedule, working at a pace that is convenient to your lifestyle.  With recorded live classes you can easily catch up if you happen to miss a couple.

 “Will I stay motivated to complete my course?”

Make sure you have a great support network to keep that motivation going. Stay focused on your end goal of a professional qualification and enhanced career (why not stick reminders of your goal around your house?). Plus, completing your studies from home speaks volumes to prospective employers showing how self-motivated and determined you are- which is, of course, a huge bonus.

“Is the classroom environment for me?”

Re-entering a classroom setting isn’t for everyone. Distance learning mixes the best of both worlds; study in the comfort of your own home (getting a cup of tea whenever you need it!), but still be able to chat to fellow students on forums and during online live classes, sharing experiences and advice.

“Will I be able to afford it?”

Although education can appear expensive, advancing your career with a professional qualification will increas your salary which will cover the costs in the long term. A very worthwhile investment! Additionally, distance learning offers you the option to still work full-time whilst studying, and with no travel or maintenance fees studying online can be far cheaper than classroom based learning.

“What if I fail?”

There is always a fear of not passing when it comes to education but our tutors will only put you forward for assessments when you are ready and when you feel confident in your knowledge. You can also revise and practice for your exams with our practice tests and our pass rates are consistently above the national average at 90% so you can feel positive in your chances of success.


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This article was originally posted on the Home Learning College blog.

Tara Murray

Posted May 24, 2017