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To create real change in your organisation, you need to change people’s skills, confidence and mindset.

That's where we come in.

Avado works with thousands of businesses around the world to transform their talent into a confident, professionally qualified and engaged workforce.

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is ensuring that their people have the right skills to do their job.

Technology is advancing at such a rate that it’s causing disruptive change on an unprecedented scale, causing up to 79% of CEOs to worry about the existing skills of their workforce and their ability to meet dynamic workplace needs.

Avado is able to provide your organisation with a consultation process called the Capability Audit, which delivers valuable business insights and a clear action plan to aid with digital transformation.

It provides a complete picture of areas of strength and weakness at both a strategic and operational level, from the perspective of the employees, within four key areas:

- mission and vision,
- people and capabilities,
- culture,
- and skills.

Who is it for?

The Capability Audit is suitable for a wide variety of organisations, including creative agencies, media owners and digital agencies. It is completed by everybody in the organisation, and so offers insights across each level of the business. It is particularly useful for:

  • C-Suite Executives

    Those who need to future-proof the skill set of the organisation and ensure that strategic goals are met.

  • Digital Directors

    The digital leaders who need to achieve daily business performance measures

  • Human Resources

    Those who need to ensure that the workforce’s skill sets are up to date.

After the Capability Audit is completed, an actionable report is created which is packed full of recommendations. This report provides 3 key benefits:

Skill Levels

A complete picture of the organisation’s digital skills levels, displayed in a quantified way along with a segmentation of different departments for easier comparison.

Areas of Improvement

The identification of improvement areas to focus on immediately and so bolster business effectively.

Action Plan

A digital action plan which details how to deploy training and so make the highest impact.

Avado's Learning Academies

With the insights provided by the Capability Audit, organisational leaders are empowered with a firm grasp of the exact training, development and resourcing needed to make the highest impact within the organisation.

Avado's Academies brings together all the learning experiences we offer in a subject area. These learning solutions are all built to work at scale and are tailored to each organisation’s needs.

Why choose to partner with Avado?

We build learning around your needs

We create connected learning. That means a blend the best practices of virtual learning and digital assessment, using an ‘apply, reflect and discuss loop’ – a learning technique designed to ensure that learning is focused on outputs. And by that, we don't mean happy sheets! We use the Kirkpatrick model to evaluate our learning and that means ensuring behaviour change that has an impact in your organisation. What's more, our programmes are flexible,  allowing you to mould a learning experience that works for you. 

We can scale, rapidly

With programmes designed to be delivered online, flexibly at whatever time suits your people, wherever they are located. What’s more, we’ll work with you to make your learning programmes famous throughout your organisation. Engaging teams and leaders across the globe.

We work with the best minds in the business

Data gurus, digital change evangelists, and digital marketing deities. Our expert facilitators, tutors, coaches and mentors are world-class at what they do. Take a look at some of them here.

And we're trusted by some pretty cool partners

We’ve worked with Google since way back when in 2012, launching the first ever digital marketing apprenticeship programme for them. Then we developed the award winning, cutting-edge and globally successful phenomenon Squared Online 

Now, we’re Google’s partner in delivering virtual labs, accredited by Google, in all things digital marketing, connected consumer and brand activation. 

Our data academy is created in partnership with leading data visualisation specialists Tableau. Tableau gives you the tools to see data differently, and together with Avado we can teach you the great questions to ask of that data, to really drive your business forward.  

We are CIPD Enterprises’ exclusive partner for online qualifications in HR and L&D, so you can be confident your teams are learning from the experts. 

Client Testimonials

Gavin Gollogley

Head of Digital | Sun Life Asia

The training curriculum placed much emphasis on customer-centricity, value propositions, user experience, iterative testing, data-backed decision-making etc. – the messaging was ideal to reinforce the digital mindset and culture change we at Sun Life have been building.

Client Testimonials

Andrew Sheard

HR Director | Red Fuse Communications APAC (A WPP company)

As a key goal of our Digital Leadership Workshop led by Avado, we learned about the leadership and management aspects of being digital, being agile, and how older styles of management will kill digital transformation.Appreciating not only what digital is, but how it needs to be managed, and that the people leadership is as important to digital success as the technology were all key outcomes for us.

Client Testimonials

Zareen Angullia

Director of Partnership Academy | Group Partnership Distribution at AIA Group

A digital education partner to AIA, Avado supported our learning journey with training workshops in “Data for Leaders”, “Customer Obsession and Value Proposition”, and a 12-month upskilling path in Data & Digital through the Dot Native digital platform.

For real change you need the right skills and confidence to achieve it

We know it’s difficult to inspire people to change. It takes new skills, the confidence to use those skills and a curious, adaptable mindset. Together, we can help your organisation to become more agile, more data driven and more in touch with today’s customer. Do that, and you’ll attract the best talent and have happier people who want to stay with you for longer.  

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Building the right capabilities for your business can be challenging, but Avado understands what businesses need, and the speed they need them at.

We work with best in class partners such as Google, CIPD and Tableau to design learning solutions that builds capabilities and supports real change.

Enquire about Avado’s suite of training solutions and upskill your entire organisation today!