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Dot Native

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform that teaches the basics of digital marketing and digital business to global organisations. The platform is suitable for your entire organisation, as it is designed to create a baseline level of digital awareness for employees across all business functions.

Designed to digitally upskill your entire organisation. The platform can be customised to suit the training needs of your business.


“There’s a lot of uncertainty right now, but equally there is more space and time in which people can empower themselves with new skills and confidence." - Mark Creighton | CEO of Avado

Certified courses in Digital Marketing

Hundreds of short videos to get up to speed and stay up to date on the latest in digital marketing.

What you get

  • Short Courses made up of 100s of 3 minute video tutorials covering the essentials of Digital Marketing
  • 100’s of hours of Insights, Talks and Deep Dives from Industry Leaders
  • 80 Best Practice Guides at your fingertips when you need them with more added daily
  • Learn the latest tactics and strategies from expert tutors and industry leaders
  • Share your opinions and access peer support in our growing community
  • Get recognised by earning certificates and certified member status

Who is it for?

  • Companies who want to up skill the digital capabilities of their marketing teams
  • More advanced digital marketers
    who want to keep their skills up to date
  • Career starters in marketing who want to move up quickly, or those
    who want to get into marketing

Get your team up to speed!

Our foundation modules covers topics such as the essentials of digital marketing.

Each module consists of videos, quizzes, learning checks and a final test. Complete all the modules in the series to earn the Dot Native Certificate.

In less than 3 months your whole team can be brought up to speed in digital

Keep your team up to date with a wealth of resources including deep dives, best practice guides, the daily newsfeed and forums. Gain minutes by studying to earn your Certified Member Status.

Access Master Classes that are designed to keep you up to date with current hot topics in digital. The latest white papers, reports, case studies and blog posts teaching you best practices in all key areas of Digital Marketing will also be available.

Celebrate success by sharing Dot Native qualifications on LinkedIn

Each time you hit a milestone is like earning your Certificate in Digital Marketing or Certified Member Status, we will send you a handy link that will automatically add your new qualifications to your LinkedIn profile.