Squared Online developed with Google

Squared Online is the award-winning global digital marketing leadership qualification. We empower the next generation of digital changemakers with hands-on practical experience and leadership strategy.

  • Ideal for senior marketing managers, experienced execs and bright grads
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing Leadership endorsed by the IPA and CPD accredited
  • Study online for 4-6 hours a week for 5 months 

Boost your career with the digital marketing leadership course developed with Google

Squared Online is the award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed with Google. Taught online over five months and featuring high-profile guest speakers, you will graduate with a certificate endorsed by the IPA and accredited by the CPD – with skills highly sought after by brands, agencies and startups alike.

To really succeed in digital you need to understand the technology, the best ways to use it, and how to manage teams to execute ideas in the most efficient way. Online digital marketing courses are the perfect way to study the latest trends and skills flexibly and engagingly. Squared Online gives you a rounded view and real working context to stay ahead in a fast-paced industry.

What will you learn on Squared Online

Squared Online is developed with Google digital marketing expertise to ensure you’re learning the most up-to-date thinking and skills. Each and every module of this digital marketing course is structured in accordance with our carefully designed learning principles. This structure – as well as our team of instructional designers who build the course – ensures you get the most out of your Squared Online journey by being able to apply what you learn from day one.

How does Squared Online work

The Squared Online developed with Google digital marketing course takes place over five months and you will need to dedicate 4-6 hours a week to your coursework and weekly live classes.

Squared Online is not just about acquiring digital skills. You’ll be challenged to become an inspiring leader whilst improving your own personal effectiveness. You will learn in groups on real-life projects and pre- and post-class activities so that you can apply what you learn immediately in the real world and on the job.

With Squared Online you will be working with others on real projects to give you experiences that you will be able to draw on throughout your career. We learn through experience, through making mistakes, and trying out ideas – not by being told.

Join the Squared Network

Join Squared Online and you’ll be joining the exclusive group of Squared alumni. Through this network of thousands of marketers across the world you’ll be able to share knowledge, experience and ideas throughout the course and beyond – the learning won’t stop once you graduate.

Our expert speakers

You’ll learn directly from our handpicked industry experts who have years of experience in everything digital. In addition to delivering all of our live classes, they bring the digital marketing course to life for you by sharing their perspectives on what’s happening in the digital world.

Our community team

Whether it’s classes, projects, group work or anything else you want to discuss, the community team is on hand to help you. They’re experts in all things Squared and the student experience.

Squared Online is delivered completely online via a Virtual Campus, so all you need to learn is a device to work on and an internet connection.

5 modules online over 5 months

Module 1 Embracing Change

Understand how to evaluate the changing digital landscape and propose ideas that help marketing functions respond to digital disruption. You’ll be able to: – Explain the impact of digital disruption – Analyse disruptive changes in technology and consumer behaviour in order to transform marketing strategies in your organisation – Suggest how businesses can adopt digitalfirst behaviours to survive in the digital age.

Module 2 Customer-centricity

Propose how your organisation can engage with targeted segments using customer-centric approaches to stay relevant in business. You’ll be able to: – Apply customer journey frameworks to map customer needs and the moments that matter – Suggest ways to align your brand values across your marketing practices to create a seamless customer experience – Propose social engagement strategies that address the interests of your targeted segments and brand values – Create a content plan to reach your audience with the right messages at the right time.

Module 3 Digital Channels and Technologies

Learn how to integrate technology into your customer-centric marketing strategies and reach your targeted segments at exactly the right time. You’ll be able to: – Optimise mobile technology to engage with your customers across their journey – Plan an effective search campaign that assists your customers in their decision making process – Develop relevant display and video strategies to engage with your customers across their journeys – Devise a programmatic approach that integrates different channels to optimise your marketing strategies.

Module 4 Data, Analytics and Single Customer

View Assess data with a single customer mindset to inform strategic decisions that grow your business in the right direction. You’ll be able to: – Explain the fundamentals of data and analytics to enable strategic marketing decisions – Develop a marketing measurement plan to translate your business objectives into goals – Derive customer insights using Google Analytics to inform effective marketing activities – Apply attribution models to optimise your budget allocation across marketing channels – Devise strategies to tackle data fragmentation and create a single customer view.

Module 5 Creating Change

Be confident recommending transformational strategies that enable your organisation to leverage the latest technology developments in its marketing practices. You’ll be able to: – Evaluate the impact of the technological developments on your marketing strategies to drive future business decisions – Examine how an organisation’s culture affects the adoption of digital first and customer-centric marketing strategies – Recommend ways to enhance digital-first and customer-centric behaviours and marketing strategies that will future-proof your organisation.

The course runs for just over five months. We’ll let you know the exact dates and class times when you receive the course information from the form on this page.

Course price

The Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing is priced at £1,659 + VAT.

  • If you are funding the course yourself it can be paid in instalments over two or three months with no interest.

To meet the entrance criteria you’ll need a first or second-class university degree, or one of the following:

  • 3 + years’ work experience, ideally in marketing
  • A level 4 marketing qualification such as the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing

You will also need to:

  • Speak and write English fluently
  • Have basic PC skills and online access
  • Have broadband internet access
  • Be over the age of 18

“I called out for local digital champions and said that I would train them, and provide ongoing support. I had a huge take up, and I’ve been all over the UK since, training my digital champions.”


Tracy Steel, Digital Marketing Executive

“I’m a massive advocate of the course, especially for established marketers to challenge what they think and not just rely on bringing in a young graduate to do the online ‘stuff’.”


Vivienne Robinson,Digital Marketing Consultant