Power more insightful decisions with the AVADO Data Academy

Data is everywhere. Empower your whole organisation to use it

Data is everywhere. Empower your whole organisation to use it

Our Data Academy has been carefully tailored to boost data culture, capability and confidence across all teams and levels of an organisation and we are already seeing dramatic results with partners. Importantly, many program components won’t cost a penny, as they can be funded by the apprenticeship levy in the UK. Empower your workforce to turn gut decisions into the right decisions.

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Get ahead of the curve

Data volumes are growing exponentially, with 90% of the data in the world today being created in the last two years. Yet businesses still rely on small and expensive teams of data scientists and analysts to leverage it.

Most organisations still face an overwhelming lack of data literacy and confidence across their workforce. With people relying on gut, rather than seeking insight and new perspective. Where analysts reports are used to tick boxes, rather than inform everyday decisions.

To unlock the full potential of the data revolution, businesses need to transform their whole workforce into data advocates. Training them to appreciate, analyse and apply data in a commercial way. So they can make better, more informed decisions for the business.

Data for everyone. Not just for scientists

We believe that businesses need to adopt a three-pronged approach: developing data leaders, business-savvy data scientists, and upskilling the whole organisation’s data capabilities. Which is why our suite of offerings is geared to address the needs of the full organisation.


Top-down data strategy

Data Analyst Programme

Elevate analytical capability and insights from data with rigorous work-based data analytics courses

Data for Leaders Bootcamp

Develop and embed a data-driven culture​. Set the tone for change from the top-down

Data Fluency Modules

Designed to give leaders and managers the data confidence to make better decisions

Data Literacy Modules

Understand how data analytics can deliver better business outcomes with a series of bite-sized modules.

Learning that works


Our Data Academy uses AVADO’s unique and proven formula to deliver learning that works for your business.

For 20 years we’ve been delivering online and face-to-face learning programmes – allowing anyone, anywhere to become professionally qualified and further their career. We are passionate about creating learning that drives real impact and our completion rates far outstrip our market competitors. That’s just one of the reasons why our customers rate us so highly and why Google chose us to create the world-renowned Squared-Online Digital Marketing course.

Diagnostic programming

We conduct a business diagnostic to identify your data priorities; then our advisers design and launch your tailored programme.

Award-winning learning design

Over 20 years’ experience delivering learning outcomes that can be applied straightaway to the workplace and built upon in the future.

Data advocates community

We nurture a data community within your business, to continue your transformation journey beyond the initial training.

Industry leading partners

Industry-leading speakers and case studies to build data expertise into our courses; and access to free Tableau licenses and elearning.

Leveraging levy funding

We integrate apprenticeship levy solutions into our Data Academy. Two of our programmes are free to levy-payers.

Practical experience

With a focus on real-world, hands-on projects, our programmes are designed to promote peer-to-peer learning, problem-solving and collaboration.

Industry-leading content partner

The AVADO Data Academy has partnered with leading data visualisation and storytelling experts at Tableau to create programmes that increase the data capability at organisations around the world.

Our joint goals are to improve data confidence and literacy. The Tableau partnership supports through:

  • Tableau enhancing our programmes through guest speakers and industry-leading case studies ​
  • Ability to access FREE Tableau licenses and e-learning on selected programmes
  • Programmes are still delivered in a tool-agnostic manner, with signposting and use of other comparable tools where appropriate