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In an age where technological, environmental and societal factors could result in the need for an organisation to pivot sharply to ensure business survival, keeping employees ahead of the curve is extremely important.

In a recent survey conducted by Avado, there was a strong correlation (71%) between businesses that had seen growth last year and those that had invested in employee training. By contrast, among those that saw a decline, 61% said that they either had no skills and training strategy or that their strategy was not fit for purpose.

Between cost, time constraints, and the threat of overload however, it can be difficult to fit meaningful training into your employees' busy schedules. Bite-sized learning is a great way to provide all of the information your employees need to keep them abreast of the latest developments in their field in less time.

That's where Avado's award-winning online learning solutions, Dot Native and Squared Online come in. Our capability-building programmes create real, impactful change by helping in the transformation of skills, confidence, and mindset of your employees.

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