Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop

Get up to speed with digital marketing

  • Designed for leaders who want a digital marketing overview
  • Two-day intensive workshop led by experienced practitioners

Digital marketing technology has evolved and marketers have had to adapt. The Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop teaches teams how the various marketing channels work in a digital context, enabling participants to collaborate effectively with other departments to develop an integrated digital marketing plan.

Who is a Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop for?

The Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop is intended for three different key personas:

  • Marketers wanting to become more digital while seeking a more cohesive approach and bringing traditionally siloed marketing activities together
  • Departments outsourcing marketing activity to one or more agencies, in order to better understand their processes and to unlock potential
  • Specialist channel marketers looking for a better understanding of how their own roles fit into the overall marketing mix

How is a Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop structured?

The learner journey is divided into three parts:

  • Pre-workshop
    This includes an online self-evaluation survey to benchmark confidence, and some thought-provoking articles to read beforehand
  • Workshop
    The workshop lasts two days and includes learnings from inspiring examples and digital marketing experts, collaboration on practical activities to apply learnings, and personal actions to take away
  • Post-workshop
    Participants re-measure their confidence following the workshop and are given further examples to help learnings become practice

What does a Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop cover?

Over the course of the two days, the Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop will cover:

Day 1

  • Introduction and the ‘4H’ Content Model
  • Mobile, SEO and User Experience
  • Paid Search, Video Ads and Retargeting
  • Display Ads, Social Ads and Programmatic

Day 2

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Working with Influencers
  • Building a Content Marketing Hub
  • Iteration and Integration
  • Building a Quarterly Digital Marketing Plan

What are our learning principles?

We believe in creating learning that works, through fully engaged participants working towards meaningful outcomes. To that end, the Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop design is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Expert-Driven Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Peer Learning
  • Ongoing Learning