Digital Marketing Executive

Vacancy Details

  • Harriet Ellis Recruitment

  • London

Digital Marketing
Marketing Job Role Objective

Would be to raise awareness of Harriet Ellis Training and Recruitment Group as a whole, assist in branding development and enter into new and existing media sources to raise our awareness levels in relation to our training courses and website. To associate the college with other organisations to establish mutual beneficial partnerships.

Job details
  • Ensure that social networking is optimised, updating Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Instagram, Facebook, etc with the latest news, course information. Running campaigns from Facebook and Google, etc. Keeping the college activities current on our Facebook pages and delivering daily statistics on performance of these campaigns in a fortnightly management meeting.
  • Create new lines of advertising through social media and internet sites. Looking at alternatives in promoting the business requirements necessary.
  • Where necessary, help organise exhibitions conferences shopping malls exhibitions, work with consultants on how to expand their advertising campaigns in their own market sector and course. Organise a bi-weekly meeting with the sales team to establish requirements for them and ensuring leads are smoothly sent through to them
  • Generate new ideas and to chair meetings with staff to expand on current advertising and existing campaigns.
  • Assisting with sales staff campaigns/strategies for leaflet campaigns, special promotions and any offline marketing ideas.
  • To control the direct marketing material by sending out leaflets, marketing letters to addresses on the databases and coordinating with administration direct mail campaigns.
  • To create “blogs” that can be discussing courses and experiences in a positive manner to encourage more customers on relevant pages.
  • To encourage positive reviews for the college website and manage positive review campaigns
  • To Manage the company website and ensure the correct information is on the site and relevant to campaigns and promotions at any one time. To correct errors or misrepresentations of any type immediately and to liaise with the Outsourced marketing company. Update company website and learn the CMS behind the website.
  • To maintain Moodle and the company software to correct any problems as and when they arise.
Quick overview on Day to Day tasks

Email campaigns

Regular training e-mail shots out to the database whilst liaising with the training consultants as to what courses to push. Create, implement and send once a month company newsletter out to the existing leads on the database relevant for training and recruitment.

Social networking (Daily)

Marketing Department will update our facebook page, Twitter accounts, Linked In with messages, tweets etc about courses, jobs, news etc. Also Marketing Department to work on linked in to widen our network in relation to advertising our services across the linked in database. Finding relevant contacts (Dental Practises) and messaging them about our courses and recruitment services and the new membership programme.

Looking at other social advertising media and adding adverts to any free sites and looking at finding new and innovative ideas to advertise the relevant courses that we have to offer on sites that we may currently not use. Research into areas or different locations in line with the centres we have across the UK.

Look at competitors to see how they advertise and produce this as one of the reports in your monthly marketing meeting.

Advertising (daily/Weekly)

Marketing Department will analyse all advertising enquiries and sales calls and take on a spreadsheet with analysis into cost and deadlines with the existing advertising contracts. This spreadsheet is to be delivered on a monthly basis for the MD and Operation Manager to be kept up to speed with the current advertising spend, cost analysis and effectiveness.

Harriet Ellis House, 103 North St, Romford RM1 1EU