What COVID-19 means for you and us

What COVID-19 means for you and us
We're sure you've been following the development of the COVID-19 virus, and we want to let you know what our response is.

If you're studying with us: don't worry. We're doing everything we can to make sure your learning experiences with us won't be disrupted. Because most of the courses we offer are studied flexibly online, you can continue studying them as normal, wherever you're working from.

We are continuing to enrol new students! We also want you to know that we have some free learning available to help you brush up and sharpen your skills. We’re confident we can find the right opportunity for you.

Find out more information on free learning here.

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Unlocking potential and changing lives.

Avado builds capabilities and supports real change by offering new
skills and mindsets through professional qualifications, virtual learning journeys, workshops and modules.

If you are an individual looking to upgrade your skills, browse through our Academies to see what’s right for you.

Programmes created with:

  • AVADO programmes created with Google
  • AVADO programmes created with CIPD
  • AVADO programmes created with Tableau

Corporate training for your organisation.

Find out how Avado can help your organisation acheive its digital transformation goals.

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Companies we've helped:

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Here's what real change looks like:

  • 2,000,000+

    learning hours per year

  • 208,000+

    learners worldwide

  • 3,800+

    companies we're working with

  • 10

    industry awards in the last 3 years

Transform your business with us

Learning makes real, lasting change happen for your leaders, your employees, and your whole organisation. We can help you find the right kind of training, whatever your company looks like.

Help your team be the best they can be

Online courses allow your staff to complete their training alongside their job, closing knowledge gaps and helping to improve your strategies. Offering to fund their online training courses shows that you’re invested in them as an employer, and that you want them to succeed.

Understand the impact of change

In a global poll of 2,000 employees, 75% desired further training so as to prevent the loss of long-term productivity. HR and L & D executives need the data to provide business leaders with a firm grasp of the exact training, development and resourcing needed to make the highest impact within the organisation. That's where Avado can help.

Better leaders, better decisions

Get up to speed fast with our face-to-face bootcamps and workshops. In just a couple of days, you’ll be digital experts ready to lead the charge in transforming the rest of your business.

Make company-wide change

Having everyone on the same page is key to real change. Analyse your company’s level of digital skills with our Capability Audit, then roll out bite-sized learning on the latest topics to your whole organisation with Modules.

Award-winning learning design

You need to stay engaged and motivated when you’re studying. We help you to break topics downuse your new skills at work, and learn by doing.

Learn from the best

Great learning needs great teachers. Our industry experts bring real-world experience as well as the latest thinking, ideas, and business examples.

You won't be on your own

Studying with others helps to make sure your learning sticks. Discuss your work with your fellow students on the campus forums and join live classes together.

Getting better all the time

Just like you, we’re always looking to improve. Our learning is constantly being fine-tuned using feedback and data from our most valuable source: our learners.

Online learning designed around the learner

An online qualification helps you to take the next step in your career on your own terms. It doesn’t matter if you have work or family commitments: you can study flexibly in your own time on desktop, mobile, or tablet. 

Your qualification will be nationally recognised and accredited by industry-leading organisations. With courses in Data, Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Marketing, you’re bound to find the one that’s right for you. Visit our Academies to start your learning journey.

"How the course was structured and delivered inspired me and certainly impacted the overall learning experience. Apart from pre/post-class content, we used a variety of dynamic formats, such as interactive live classes, collaborative activities such as polls, whiteboards and team projects. The reflections and feedback elements further embedded the learning." ( Cindy Chen | Lane Crawford )

Don't just take our word for it