New 2022 Report

Unlocking the value of People Teams

We surveyed 2,000 office workers across England who answered a series of questions related to their perceptions and attitudes towards People Teams in their organisation.

The results identified several reoccurring patterns and in particular, the need for upskilling. Can learning and development be the answer to your organisation avoiding the ‘Great Resignation’?

The report addresses these key themes:

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The value and appreciation of People Teams
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Stemming the Great Resignation
The aspiration of UK employees to explore development opportunities
The need for People Teams to act with a people-first approach

Download the report to learn:

How to engage your workforce
How to keep up with constantly evolving demands and needs of the workforce
How to make business decisions with a people-first approach
How to up-skill People Teams in making informed decisions

Selection of report findings


employees have expressed plans to resign in the next six months. For 16–24-year-olds, this figure is 54%


of employees aged 16-24 would resign over lack of opportunity in future-oriented skills.


of office workers felt HR teams handled the pandemic well, demonstrating the value of HR in a crisis


employees aged 55+ feel deprived of learning opportunities.

In-depth HR insights from leading industry experts

Dean Corbett

Dean Corbett

Chief People Officer, Avado

Dean is Chief People Officer (CPO) of Avado and leads the design and delivery of our people plan, whilst facilitating our culture of success and belonging.
Jon Ingham

Jon Ingham

Director of the Jon Ingham Strategic HR Academy

Jon Ingham is a leading HR strategist and delivers the Academy's training - providing the content and facilitating its interactive aspects

"As a people leader, it remains a priority to get young, diverse and moldable talent into the workforce. But as People Teams consider how to embed a real learning mindset within their organisation’s culture, they must account for all levels of the business, and a growing number of demographical differences.”

Dean Corbett, Chief People Officer, Avado

Make sure your organisation doesn’t face the “Great Resignation”. Download the report now to read indepth data and industry insights.