Data Academy

Boost your team's capabilities and revenue potential through data-driven decision-making, data analytics and data science

  • Tell the real story of your business — and profit from the results
  • Distill and scale your business' critical data skills
  • Replace gut feelings with business-driven solutions

What is AVADO’s Data Academy?

Learn about the impact of informed decisions powered by data
Designed to help companies strengthen their team’s data literacy and capabilities, AVADO’s Data Academy teaches data-driven decision-making, data analytics and data science.

Who is Data Academy for?

In short, it’s for everyone on your team
AVADO’s Data Academy builds data skills and confidence at every level of your business, and has boosted data literacy at major companies worldwide.

Why does your business need data literacy?

Data illiteracy can limit revenues and threaten cybersecurity
Every year, businesses that don’t know the best ways to read, understand and apply data collectively lose millions of dollars in revenue opportunities, inefficiency, quality issues and other categories. And with Forrester reporting that 60 to 73 percent of all company data goes unused for analytics, that’s a shocking amount of potential revenue going uncollected. In addition, data illiteracy can mean the difference between superior cybersecurity and a potential breach that could result in hackers’ exploitation of sensitive data.

Data Academy

Revitalize your data strategy from the top down

  • Data for Leaders Boot Camp

    Develop and embed your teams in a data-driven culture. Set the tone for change from the top-down.

  • Data Literacy

    Achieve better business outcomes with a series of bite-sized modules about the power of data analytics.

  • Data Fluency

    Give your leaders and managers the confidence to make better decisions with data.

  • Data Analyst Programs

    Elevate analytical capability and insights from data with rigorous work-based data analytics courses.

Partnering with industry leaders Fospha and Tableau

It's all too common to perceive data as intimidating, confusing, boring or, even worse, unimportant. But the right kind of training can demystify data, transforming apprehension into the potential for additional revenue, solution-oriented innovations and happier customers.

Partnering with industry leaders Fospha and Tableau, AVADO's Data Academy distills and fosters critical digital skills businesses need to scale.

  • Fospha Marketing is an independent attribution provider that solves challenges using data science, AI, products and people.

  • Tableau

    Tableau Software helps people see and understand data, and makes breakthrough products that change the way people use data.

Data Academy's 6-module approach creates value, solves problems and boosts efficiency

  • 1. Re-imagining Data

    Learn how data and technology boost company value

    • Learn how customer experiences and operations can be transformed by analytics and algorithms
    • Achieve more with a data-driven culture
    • Understand how your own role can be more data-driven
  • 2. Storytelling with Data

    Reveal the hidden and valuable stories of your business through data

    • Understand and apply the business applications of storytelling with data
    • Learn visualization techniques that bring data to life
  • 3. Demystifying Data Science

    Learn basic data-science concepts and terminology

    • Demystify data-science terminology — including AI, machine learning, deep learning, RPA and big data
    • Understand what algorithms are, and how they are used
    • Learn typical roles and steps for applying data science to a business problem
  • 4. Impactful Data Visualizations

    Learn to visualize and create stories through data

    • Understand the benefits of data visualization
    • Avoid common data pitfalls and identify solutions
    • Create data visualizations that improve communication
    • Embrace a data-centric attitude of “So what? Who cares? What’s next?”
  • 5. Exploring Data Analysis

    Understand how data analysis can boost your efficiency and impact

    • Implement data analysis to improve operational performance and customer experience
    • Define the methods and principles of selecting, collecting, cleaning and analyzing data
    • Understand the uses of imperfect and perfect data for analysis
  • 6. Innovating with Data

    Understand how data drives innovation and delivers solutions during a problem-solving process

    • Understand data-oriented processes to solve different types of business problems
    • Learn how available data can problem-solve and identify multiple solutions
    • Learn how to develop hypotheses and confirm appropriate solutions