Data Academy

Boost your team's capabilities and revenue potential through data-driven decision-making, data analytics and data science

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  • Tell the real story of your business — and profit from the results
  • Distill and scale your business' critical data skills
  • Replace gut feelings with business-driven solutions

Data Skills For Your Entire Organization

Data Academy

Why is data literacy so important?

Every year, businesses that don't know the best ways to read, understand, and apply data collectively lose millions of dollars in revenue - in the form of opportunities, inefficiency, and quality. Data illiteracy can mean the difference between superior cyber security and a potential breach that could result in the exploitation of critical data.

What is Data Academy and who is it for?

Designed to help companies strengthen their teams' proficient understanding of data, the Data Academy teaches data-driven decision-making, data analytics, and data science.  

The Data Academy builds data skills and confidence at every level of your business, and has been the catalyst in boosting data literacy in organizations across the globe.

Data Academy Online Modules

Boost your team's capabilities and revenue potential through data-driven decision making, data analytics and science - all through interactive online modules

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A 6-module Approach to Data Excellence

Data Academy

Designed with your entire organization in mind, the Data Academy consists of 6 modules that create value, helps to solve problems, and boosts efficiency.

During the 6 modules, students can expect to learn through the following modules:

Re-imaging Data

Storytelling with Data

Demystifying Data Science

Impactful Data Visualizations

Exploring Data Analysis

Innovating with Data

Equip your team with Data Skills

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Data for Leaders Boot Camps

Equip your team with the skills and mindset till instill a data-driven culture by setting the tone from the top down

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Enable a Data-Driven Mindset

Data Academy

Our Face-to-Face, 2-day Data for Leaders Boot Camps are designed with an immersive approach to activate a data-driven mindset from the top down. 

We use specialized techniques that focus on a practical and collaborative approach to data excellence. Over the course of the workshop, your senior leaders will learn through:

 Scenario-based group challenges

 Learning from case studies

 High-energy experiential activities

 Reflections and discussions

 Personal action planning

Transform your Senior Leaders

Develop the data skills needed to stay competitive with our face-to-face boot camps.