Data for Leaders Boot Camp

Equip your team with the skills and mindset till instill a data-driven culture by setting the tone from the top down

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  • Instill and scale your business’ critical data skills with an engaging, hands-on approach
  • Encourage data excellence with one of AVADO's most requested learning programs
Face-to-Face Data Boot Camps

What is the Challenge?

With access to vast quantity of data, company leaders are faced with the daunting task of organizing and drawing insights from huge amounts of insufficient data.

  • $103 Billion

    The anticipated size of the data market by 2027*

  • 3 of 5

    Leaders say failure to get on board can lead to obsolescence

  • 37%

    Percentage of companies who’ve managed to succeed with data

AVADO's Data for Leaders Boot Camps are designed to activate a data-driven mindset with a hands-on, collaborative learning approach. At the end of the 2-day session, leaders will be able to:

 Explain how data analytics and data science are        transforming customer experience and operational performance in your sector

Take a data-driven approach to solving business problems and identifying ways to improve customer and business outcomes

Promote a data-first team culture and mindset by making data-driven decisions and role modelling a data-curious mindset

Enable a Data-Driven Mindset

Data for Leaders Boot Camp

AVADO's 2-day immersive workshop is designed to activate a data-driven mindset covering topics such as understanding advanced analytics, being smart with imperfect data, problem solving and enabling a data-driven culture.

How will your team learn?

We use specialized learning techniques that focus on a practical and collaborative approach so that future learning can be applied directly.

These include:

Scenario-based group challenges

Learning from case studies

High-energy experiential activities

Reflections and discussions

Personal action planning