Digital Marketing Academy

Learn the digital marketing skills to be a successful in the digital age. Make your business a place where leaders grow

CIPD Qualifications with AVADO Learning
  • Create a team of digital marketing leaders with Squared Online, developed with Google
  • Experience bite-size learning through Dot Native's interactive and engaging marketing modules
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing to keep your company competitive

Close the Digital Marketing Skills Gap

Digital Marketing Academy

Digital Marketing trends are constantly changing

The rules for many standard digital marketing practices – content branding, social media, mobile, data, SEO – are continuously changing. And organizations who are unwilling to adapt may end up costing their business in more ways than one.

With Squared Online, the award-winning global digital marketing qualification, empower your team to become digital changemakers through hands-on practical experience and leadership strategy.

Dot Native’s bite-size learning will create and instill a digital marketing mindset through every team in your company. With engaging and interactive material, these modules will teach you the essentials to achieve marketing greatness – no matter who participates!

Squared Online Digital Marketing Certificate

Taught online by industry experts, your team will develop the skills needed to become leaders in digital marketing.

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Developed with Google, Powered by AVADO

Digital Marketing Academy

Developed with Google and powered by AVADO, Squared Online is the global qualification for leaders in digital marketing and innovation. Taught online over 5 months by industry experts, your team will develop the skills and mindset needed to become a leader in digital marketing.

Students will build up their digital marketing skills through the following modules:

Embracing Change


Customer-centric Technology

Data, Analytics, & Single Customer View

Creating Change

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Perfect for Marketing Managers looking to expand their digital understandings, Bight Graduates looking to make a jump into digital, or Non-Marketing Professionals seeking the next step in their careers, Squared Online works with all levels of your organization.

Dot Native Digital Marketing Courses

The online, bite-size marketing courses - perfect for your entire team

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Online learning with AVADO Learning

Bite-Size Online Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Academy

Dot Native, AVADO’s bite-size learning content and programs, cover the essentials of digital marketing for your entire organization. Every module is lead by an industry-leading marketing professional and includes:

Tutor-led videos with animation              Forum Interactions

Animated Explainer Videos                     Research and Opinion Polls

Industry Case Studies                               Prioritization Tasks

Drag and Drop Activities                          Quizzes and Reflections

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Transform Your Organization with Dot Native

Boost digital awareness, skills and confidence across your entire organization to stay up to date with digital trends - no matter their job title. Learn how Dot Native helps to transform your entire team.