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Build a company-wide digital mindset with Dot Native

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  • Understand the essentials of digital marketing, digital business and data mindset.
  • Develop your team's capability with interactive, engaging, bitesize content.

What is Dot Native?

AVADO’s Dot Native bitesize elearning program helps businesses looking to upskill entire teams in digital marketing and digital business.

Designed to boost digital awareness, skills and confidence across your entire organization, Dot Native is an interactive, online learning platform, whose 25 hours of learning are split into digestable, hourlong modules. Dot Native’s extensive curriculum engages users through practical lessons, tutor-led videos, animations, case studies, drag-and-drop activities.

Who is Dot Native for?

Dot Native works for every team in your company.

Dot Native has helped businesses boost digital awareness, skills and confidence across your entire organization. The platform helps every participating employee develop a digital mindset with foundational modules in digital business and digital marketing.

What are the features of Dot Native?

Bite-sized learning isn’t short on engaging material.

Dot Native succeeds as an online learning platform, in part thanks to variation and interactivity that includes:

  • Tutor-led videos with animation
  • Animated explainers
  • Industry case studies
  • Drag-and-drop activities
  • Forum interactions
  • Research and opinion polls
  • Interactive prioritization tasks
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Reflection tasks

What can be customized on Dot Native?

Dot Native’s corporate customization and integration options include:

Track how your employees are progressing with a customizable dashboard and learner analytics

Branded Campus
Include your own branding and courses for a fully integrated learning experience

Custom Knowledge Sprints
Align your employee learning with your company’s strategy and business goals

Bespoke content
Work with AVADO to develop personalized Dot Native courses to suit your business’ needs

Monitor your employees’ learning through our leaderboard functionality, research and opinion polls

LMS integration
Improve user experience and streamline reporting with Learning Management System integration

Custom onboarding
Contour your onboarding experience so it aligns with your goals and drives engagement

Engagement specialists
Work with a dedicated engagement specialist to maximize employee participation

What’s in the digital marketing foundation modules?

Dot Native covers the essentials of digital marketing and digital business for everyone in an organization, namely:

Marketing Foundation Brand
Introduce your team to basic branding principles

Content Marketing
Build and effectively share content that’s relevant and valuable to your customers

Social Media
Learn how social media platforms can work best for your business

Explore how mobile marketing works within the current market

Measurement and Analytics
Explore processes that begin with data and end with useful analytics and insight

Search-Engine Marketing
Use search engine-marketing to your company’s advantage

Learn how programmatic trading works, including the different types of transaction

Discover which buying and selling systems best reach target audiences, all while lowering expenses and increasing profitability

Learn about Customer Relationship Management and Client Value Management, as well as related engagement strategies that offer a clearer view of why, how and whom to engage

Digital Ecosystem
Recognize and solve integration issues, and develop an integrated marketing strategy

What’s in the digital marketing deep-dive modules?

Dot Native teaches additional Deep-Dive Marketing lessons:

Introduction to Attribution
The experts in attribution – Rakuten – explain what attribution is, and how it can help your team determine what marketing works best (and what doesn’t)

Digital Transformation in Asia
Learn how the Asian market is digitally transforming, innovating and leading

Generating Leads with Content
The content-marketing experts – HubSpot – share tips on how to create and implement a successful lead-generation campaign

Performance Marketing
See how performance marketing can help your team optimize marketing activities and inspire positive reactions from your target customers

Digital PR in the West and Asia
Build trust with stakeholders, protect your brand online during a crisis, and contour your campaign to a specific country

Email Marketing
Learn 12 practical ways to make your team’s marketing campaigns as relevant, openable, engaging and effective as possible

Website IA and Navigation
Learn about the importance of Information Architecture, and how you can get it right. Plus, discover five tips for choosing the right navigation for your customers

The Power of Programmatic
The global programmatic experts of MediaMath explain what programmatic is, and how to run a successful programmatic campaign

Online Reputation Management
Learn how to identify and minimize threats, when and how to respond, and the role Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays in managing your reputation online

Developing Influential Relationships
The CEO of Silvester & Finch, Chris Lee, shares his expertise on how to approach online influencers effectively

Learn about the power of brand storytelling, how to use it to meet business objectives, and why stories matter to employees and consumers alike

Driving Social Advocacy
Incorporate social advocacy to add value to your brand, and measure its impact in a way that fosters continuous improvement

Mobile Marketing
Discover trends in mobile behavior and mobile opportunities, and learn how to create a mobile strategy

Audit and improve your customer journey to provide a world-class omni-channel experience

What’s in the Data Mindset Modules?

One of the newest facets of DotNative is a series of 30-minute self-study lessons called Data Mindset Modules, designed to raise data awareness with topics ranging from analytics and big data to machine learning and cybersecurity. Some of these modules draw on Tableau’s expertise in data analytics and visualization, creating impactful and inspiring learning experiences.

What’s in the Digital Business modules?

Dot Native has six foundation modules in Digital Business, allowing your team to develop a broader knowledge of the digital world, beyond marketing alone.

The Digital Imperative
Understand the dynamic — and disruptive — technology landscape, as well as its myriad implications for your business and your customers’ changing expectations

Customer Centricity
See your business through the eyes of your customers, and use those insights to implement actionable strategies

Channels to Market
Using an omni-channel approach to customer service, learn how digital channels are used to reach, convert and retain customers whose expectations are ever-changing

Unlocking Data
Source, store, process and analyze your company’s data to untap resources to make better business decisions and create a competitive advantage

Organizational Agility
Learn about lean and agile methodologies to start communicating, collaborating and working towards a faster-moving and more efficient company

Digital Culture
Learn the real meaning of digital culture and how to adopt a digital mindset, as well as the steps you can take to launch your company’s digital transformation