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Written with business prosperity in mind, our White Papers dive deep into industry trends to help organizations thrive in times of transformation.

AVADO Learning White Papers

AVADO White Papers

If anything is a constant, it's change. Knowing this, AVADO remains dedicated to leading research initiatives that track patterns in the workplace via technology, training and transformation. AVADO's White Papers reflect ever-changing changing roles — and responsibilities — of modern workforces in the digital age. AVADO White Papers dive deep into what businesses must do now to survive and thrive in a world of digital transformation.

Leading at the Pace of Change

Discover people-focused solutions to overcome the challenges of company reorganization

For years, corporate leaders have been chasing the must-have technology that will future-proof their company — and, by extension, their jobs. But after two decades of chasing after solutions, most company transformations are still failing at a rate of 84 percent. Investing in technology isn't enough, so how can the right training address widening gaps in work culture and capability?

This White Paper will address the following key takeaways:

  • Executives prioritize investments in technology over people, whereas HR professionals choose training programs
  • Employees feel under-prepared and worried during transformation
  • Transformation impacts women more negatively than men

Learning at the Pace of Change

How Learning & Development is critical to addressing the digital skills gap

We live in an age where digital is disrupting business modes at breakneck speed and machines are mastering many everyday jobs. While technological change is occurring evermore rapidly, human capability is not adapting at the same pace. Simply put, the world is facing a crisis in the development of skills that businesses need to address to be successful.

This White Paper will share insights on how to solve key challenges which include:

  • Key barriers to building digital capability and how to overcome them
  • How to ensure L&D is engaged from the very beginning of the digital transformation process
  • Creating learning that works for both baby-boomers and millennials
  • How to deploy the latest technology to scale digital capability programs