CIPD Level 5 Course | Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning & Development

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What Our Students Say

What is the CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning & Development?

The CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development is the most comprehensive course available for L&D professionals, ideal for you if you want to formalize your existing experience, skills and knowledge. You’ll study the core knowledge and behaviours any People Professional needs and extend these through specific units to further specialise in your field.

CIPD Level 5 HR course highlights

Typically 11 months completion time
Structured but flexible learning with our cohort model
Learn 100% online
12-month support period
Structured but flexible learning with our cohort model

What’s included in your CIPD Level 5 L&D online and distance learning course?

When you learn with Avado, you get access to our online learning Hub, which comes with lots of benefits. It’s no different when you’re working on your CIPD Level 7 courses online with us.* You’ll get:

24-hour access to the online campus

So you can complete your coursework when it suits your schedule.

Online, live classes

Regular online live classes with your tutor and classmates.


So you can focus on being productive while still developing yourself from home.

Dedicated, expert tutors

Subject matter-expert tutors and a community for support through the course.


Instant Assignment Feedback (only at Avado)

Exclusive access to Ava

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Avado connect

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CIPD Level 5 module list and syllabus

Three core units

Unit 1: Organisational performance and culture in practice

You’ll learn about…

How to develop practices aimed at supporting better working lives.
How to differentiate between employee involvement and participation.
Emerging trends in conflict, mediation and arbitration.
Performance, disciplinary and grievance matters.
Employment law and the types of employee representation.
Unit 2: Evidence based practice

You’ll learn about…

The methods re applied to diagnose challenges and opportunities.
Critical thinking and how different ethical perspectives can influence decisions.
The benefits and risks of solutions for improving people practice issues.
How to measure the impact people practice makes to organisations.
Unit 3: Professional behaviours and valuing people

You’ll learn about…

How to champion inclusive and collaborative strategies.
How to design and evaluate solutions for positive working relationships.
How the role of a people professional is evolving.
How to assess your own strengths, weaknesses and development areas.

Three specialist units

Unit 1: Supporting self-directed and social learning

You’ll learn about…

The concepts of self-directed and social learning and the theories behind them.
The steps that organisations take to encourage learning.
How digital innovations encourage and enable self-directed learning.
Unit 2: Learning and development design to create value

You’ll learn about…

What needs to be considered when designing learning and development.
Identifying and establishing learning and development needs.
Completing a stakeholder analysis in relation to learning and development.
How to design engaging learning and development solutions.
Unit 3: Facilitate personalised and performance focused learning

You’ll learn about…

How to develop a range of personalised, accessible learning resources.
Discussing facilitation techniques to support the needs of learners.
The facilitation of learning and delivering inclusive activities that meet objectives.
The concept of ‘transfer of learning’ and the role of line managers.

One of two additional specialist units

Unit 1: Specialist employment law

You’ll learn about…

The purpose of employment regulation and the way it’s enforced.
The role played by the tribunal and courts in enforcing employment law.
How the main principles of discrimination law.
How to manage recruitment lawfully, and about managing employment rights.
Unit 2: Advances in digital learning and development

You’ll learn about…

The impact, risks and challenges of technological development.
Creating engaging digital learning content and the systems for delivering learning.
The skills required to facilitate online learning, including your development plan.

CIPD Associate Diploma career options

The skills you’ll learn on this course will get you ready to take on Human Resources roles with more responsibility. You’ll also be eligible for Associate Membership of the CIPD and be eligible for HR roles such as:

73% of graduates progressed their careers within 3 months of qualification
40% of employers looking for more skilled candidates for HR roles
People Manager*

*Average UK salary data from Totaljobs Salary Checker, January 2022

CIPD Level 5 FAQs

What is a CIPD qualification?

A CIPD qualification is a globally-recognised

A CIPD qualification is a credential tailored to the people profession, including roles in HR or L&D. It is widely recognised by employers as a worldwide standard of excellence. The CIPD provides qualifications at three levels: Level 3, Level 5, and Level 7, which align with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Each level encompasses various types of qualifications, such as Certificates and Diplomas. 

If you choose to pursue a career in L&D, you could study through our CIPD Learning & Development Level 5 courses.

What is CIPD Level 5 equivalent to?

A Level 5 CIPD certification is the equivalent of an intermediate diploma, like an academic level of any undergraduate degree programme. There are two CIPD qualifications at this level: one in HR and one in L&D.

What will I need to start the CIPD Level 5 diploma?

To start a CIPD Level 5 diploma, you would need some mid-level experience in HR or L&D, or to have completed a CIPD Level 3 course.  

In terms of difficulty, CIPD Level 5 is roughly equivalent to a foundation degree. There are two CIPD qualifications at this level: one in HR and one in L&D.

Can I do CIPD Level 5 without Level 3?

It is possible to do the CIPD Level 5 qualification without completing the CIPD Level 3 qualification. Although Level 3 is a great foundation for this course, and is recommended, relevant experience in HR can also be a good starting point when taking this course.

Who are the CIPD?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the professional body for HR and people development, with a worldwide community of around 140,000 members.

CIPD qualifications are internationally respected by employers, and are designed by industry-leading experts to include all the latest thinking and ideas.

How long does the CIPD L5 Diploma in Learning and Development take? 

A CIPD Level 5 Learning and Development qualification will take you 9-11 months to complete. This may depend on your individual circumstances and the amount of time you allocate for weekly study. 

What Level 5 CIPD courses can I study? 

It depends on your own career goals. If you want to specialise in HR or be an HR generalist, then the Associate Diploma in People Management is for you. If you are more interested in Learning & Development activities, then the Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning & Development is for you.  

Can I fast-track the CIPD Level 5 L&D course? 

No. We currently only offer a cohort-based programme which has set start and end dates for each module.  

What is CIPD level 5 L&D and what does it involve? 

The CIPD Level 5 is a professional qualification in Human Resource Management (HRM) developed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). This qualification is roughly comparable to an undergraduate degree. It is intended for individuals with different levels of HR experience seeking advancement in HR and L&D, as well as those aspiring to managerial positions. It is also suitable for those without prior HR experience but who have previously undertaken degree-level studies. 

Which are the best options for CIPD level 5? 

Avado is the best option for a CIPD Level 5 programme. Avado provides the convenience of 100% online learning, with access to course materials, live classes with expert tutors, 24/7 AI-powered assistants, networking opportunities and much more.

What are career prospects after CIPD level 5 L&D? 

After you’ve successfully completed the CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in Learning & Development from Avado, you’ll be qualified to apply for several mid-level HR positions. These positions include: 

  • Learning and Development Specialist 
  • Training Coordinator/Manager 
  • Talent Development Manager 
  • Organizational Development Consultant 
  • Learning and Development Consultant 

You can also apply for entry-level managerial roles, like L&D Manager and L&D Group Advisor.

Which CIPD qualification is right for me? 

There are three CIPD Human Resources qualifications to choose from.  

The CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice, also known as CIPD Level 3, is tailored for individuals with limited HR exposure, or those just beginning their journey in the field. This programme provides a solid foundation for entry into the profession. 

The CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management, also known as CIPD Level 5, is crafted for individuals with moderate HR experience seeking advancement into mid-level HR positions. It’s also suitable for those who have undertaken HR responsibilities in non-HR roles. 

The CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management, or CIPD Level 7, targets individuals with substantial HR experience or an HR degree who are prepared for postgraduate-level education. This diploma equips you for senior strategic HR positions and helps you to pursue CIPD Chartered Membership.  

If you choose to pursue a career in L&D, you could study through our CIPD Learning & Development level 5 courses.

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